Emotions and Energetic Healing

Dr. Purushothaman
January 13, 2014


Emotions play an important role in good health. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective much disease is caused by emotional repression. The repressed emotions get held in the organs of the body and each emotion is associated with a particular organ. The liver stores anger, the kidneys hold fear, the spleen holds worry, the lungs hold grief and sadness and repressed emotions in the heart can cause depression and lack of joy. In Chinese Medicine the emotions are not good or bad but just part of being human.
Unfortunately many children are taught from an early age that emotions are bad and they learn to suppress them. When the emotions are repressed they create energetic blockages in the associated organ. When this happens it can slow down circulation to the organ and toxins can build up. For example when sadness is repressed it can cause problems with the lungs and respiratory problems may result. Repressing fear can cause blockages in the kidneys that may lead to reproductive, bone, ear and other problems. Holding in emotions will correspond with possible problems in the related organ.
What is the proper way to deal with the emotions? The first thing is making them ok and letting them be and not making oneself or the emotion wrong or bad. The emotion just is.
Observing the emotion and fully feeling it is the way not to store the emotion in the body. There are three primary emotions, anger, fear and sadness. Acting appropriately when feeling emotional is important. If feeling angry then acknowledge and feel the anger and don't lash out at others. If feelings of sadness come up then let the tears come up if it is a safe place to do it. We don't want to be crying in situations that aren't supportive and places like the workplace are generally not a good place to do it. If sadness comes up and we can't express it then when we have time later when we go home we can play the scenario over in our head and let the sadness come out there.
There are certain body feelings that can be signs that we are repressing an emotion. If we are feeling anxious then we can be repressing fear and other emotions. Anxiety is not an emotion but a resistance to feeling the emotion. The anxiety is acting like a lid on a pressure cooker keeping the emotions from surfacing. We can ask ourselves what emotion am I repressing and then ask something like, am I repressing fear, and just say I am feeling fear. When we hit on the right emotion then the fear can begin to loosen and the anxiety will go away and the feeling of fear will be predominant. When we fully feel the fear then fear will eventually dissipate and often it can happen very quickly.
Irritation is another sign that we may be repressing anger. Again the irritation is like a lid on the emotion. If we just acknowledge we are feeling angry then it can begin to release. When we start doing this it can take some time to feel the emotions because we may have spent years repressing them.
When we fully experience the emotion we then can begin to feel peace. In the beginning there may be many repressed emotions that need to released. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to repress our emotions and when we release the repressed emotions we can have a lot more energy and improve our health because we are releasing the blockages.
One of the ways that can help to release the repressed emotions and regain health and vitality is through Distant Qigong Energy Healing. Qigong has been used effectively in China for thousands of years to help restore balance to the body, mind and emotions. http://qigongenergyhealing.com/energy-healer.htm
Michael Mohoric is a distant Qigong healer and found he had a gift for distant Qigong energy healing after recovering from a serious spinal cord injury. He has worked successfully with thousands of people worldwide to help them regain their health and balance their mind and emotions.

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