Emotional Intelligence from a Teenager

Dr. Purushothaman
January 13, 2014


Writing on this sunny morning, looking out over the fields to where it meets the blue sky, I realised how much one thing, more than anything else has helped me in my life as a teenager.
It has been hugely beneficial in every area of my life, for the past 7 years. Sitting here writing to you as an 18 year old in the working world, I would not be the person I am today, without this knowledge and understanding.
What I am talking about is Emotional Intelligence. For those of you unfamiliar to this term: It is simply the ability, to recognise, express and be free of any given emotion you are feeling in the moment. There are many ways to do this.
There is a scale of Emotions, and a break in the middle which goes from negative to positive. Some may also see it as a change from wanting something, to actually having it.
The Negative or Wanting Emotions are, in ascending order:
Apathy, Fear, Grief, Lust, Anger, Pride
These have a collective term which is just the first letter of each word: AGFLAP
There is now a step between Pride and the next emotion, Courage. This is because after Pride we reach the Positive.
These Positive or Having Emotions are, in ascending order:
Courageousness, Acceptance, Peace
These also have a collective term and that is: CAP
So we have: AGFLAP / CAP
What Emotional Intelligence does is give you the ability to realise where on this scale you are, at any time, on any given subject or situation and then free yourself of the emotion and move into the positive emotions surrounding that situation. For example:
You may be feeling Apathy about being at work on Monday Morning.
You might be fearful about sustaining an income that you can live on
You might be angry at a co worker or employee for not doing their work on time.
Whichever it is, there is always an Emotion on the AGFLAP / CAP scale that is causing it.
So by introducing Emotional Intelligence into your life and learning the easy and simple tools, you can be free of anything that is on your mind or troubles you.
But that's not all; this is one of my favourite parts. It does NOT only apply to negative emotions.
Imagine having worked through a negative emotion and you are now in a positive energy/ action with that situation or take something that brings you a sense of happiness in your life already… for this example I will use a partner.
You might have the most wonderful loving relationship that you feel you couldn't be happier with, which is wonderful of course. But even if this is the case, Emotional Intelligence can offer you the chance to have it even better still.
If there is one thing I have learnt about emotional scales it is that there is NO limit to how good a feeling or emotion can be, or get to be.
I set goals on things I would like to have in my life, but also goals on the things and sometimes people in my life I already have. So that the relationships between myself and the given person or object doesn't hit a plateau but instead continues to work well for me with ease.
The thing about the positive things in life we have is we forget to look at them to see if they can be improved in anyway. They slip under the radar so to speak.
Everything in Life can be worked on, improved or increased.
At my 18 years of age, there is only one thing that can answer any question, help me through any problem or trouble, it can also release any anchors or just bring me more happiness and peace in life. That is Emotional Intelligence: the tools for a Life of Fun, Happiness, Ease, Peace, Harmony and Freedom.
Thanks for reading

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