Emotional Control For Success

Dr. Purushothaman
January 13, 2014


When we take things too personally or become too emotionally involved in a situation, this can give rise to negative emotions, often quite quickly. For instance, when we get criticised (even when such a criticism is constructive), we take such criticisms as a personal attack. We take it personally and react emotionally instead of taking a step back and viewing the whole event constructively.
This immediate negative reaction is an instinctive way of protecting our often fragile egos and we get so used to reacting this way that learning to take a step back becomes difficult, but not impossible. Remember, whenever we respond negatively to an event, we give energy to the negative emotions we feel and take energy from the positive emotions that are a vital element for any form of success.
Our emotional profile goes from positive to negative. Instead of reacting to a situation or person emotionally, we simply need to choose to do the opposite and emotionally detach ourselves from the situation or person.
I know this sounds easier said than done and to some extent, I do admit. But, and this is a big but- practicing emotional detachment not only yields huge emotional dividends over time but also helps to contribute to an increased sense of focus.
When you learn to practice emotional detachment, you begin to get less stressed by the small stuff and begin to focus more on the major thing that mean the most to you. Things begin to bug you less and you increasingly become calm and collected. Its easy to mistake someone who is can emotional detach themselves from a situation as being a softy, however on the contrary such a character trait is in actual fact a show of character strength than weakness. Why?
Very simply - its easier to fly off the handle than react calmly; its easier to be overcome by fear than to be brave; its far easier to feel sorry for oneself than to persevere.
Learning to practice emotional detachment is not easy and does require practice, however, once learnt, decision making in the face of emotional situations as well as emotionally detaching oneself from emotionally charged situations becomes easier.
Successful people are those capable of staying focused despite their emotions. Instead of allowing their emotions to get the better of them, they keep their eye on their goals and persevere until their objectives are achieved.

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