Effects of Crystals on Our Mind, Body and Soul

Dr. Purushothaman
January 16, 2014

Each and every crystal has its unique internal structure that makes it to vibrate at a certain frequency. It is this vibration that gives crystal their healing capability. When this vibration is applied in a consistent way it helps to restore strength and stability to the body's energy systems, motivating the body's innate healing systems.
The Crystal Therapy is an art of harmonizing the mind, body, emotions and spirit that helps in increasing feeling of well-being, neutralizes negativity, lifts depression and helps us to become assimilated, complete beings.
Amazingly Treatment Necklace is one of the most highly effective religious awareness tools in the world. These pendant involve rocks or gems each having a different importance like Ruby crystal is called the happy rock which allows in reducing depressive disorders, Obvious or White gems give protection from negative thoughts, Dark or Great smoky gems are excellent for grounding and they clear negative thoughts, Light Violet crystal delivers relaxing feeling and allows relaxed your home, Increased are excellent for psychological balance.
It is also believed that human beings and other organisms are liquid crystals, exhibiting a more intricate pattern and pace than that of the solid form. When these structures are put under pressure, stresses then they start to change or distort and emit various irregular pulses that hamper harmony. They become contaminated in different ways, and may take the shape of disease.
As because there is an inter-relationship between crystals and human beings, the constant pure vibration of the crystal can help in re-alignment of these injured parts of the human beings electromagnetic field.
How this technique is carried out?
Healing Crystals are placed on or around a person to induce deep relaxation, release stress and pain, and uphold energy balance within the physical and understated bodies. The treatment takes about an hour and crystals may be used one at a time or in patterns. They are placed on spots of pain, on acupuncture positions or on chakras.
What all can be achieved by Crystal Therapy?

Crystal healing can help us in the following manner:

Deep relaxation
Self development and Achieving goals
Stress relief
Allergies and other health concerns
Enhanced self confidence and concentration
Self consciousness
Balance between mind, body and soul
Assisting to follow the life path
Spiritual maturity and development of intuitive capacity
Transparent communication between self and others
Self empowerment and conscientiousness
Connection with Soul mates
This art or science is an alternative to medicine treatment and has no side-effects and it enhances your soul. To make it more effective you need to set up the room with all needed elements at right place. I am sure this will definitely help you regain your energy and positivity within yourself.

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