Education and Career Resources - The Foundation for a Successful Life!

Dr. Purushothaman
November 30, 2013

It is rather unbelievable that in this age of information explosion, we have not been able to understand and appreciate that for a successful education and career, we need to be adequately aware of the various education and career resources.

Education Resources start right at the tender age of 2 to 3 years when play schools and anganwadis come into play. Come to think of it, one of the richest segments in the education sector in India are the play schools catering to the most demanding customers the toddlers!! Then on to the early Kindergarten and Nurseries.

This is where the Government and privately run Anganwadis play a big role in bringing the toddlers out of their fairy tale land and into a little more real world of mickey mouses and tom and jerry, i.,e.the KGs, and Nurseries.

In India, starting with Play school right up to the colleges of regular graduation to the institutions of higher learning where quality education on professional areas such as medical, engineering, law, fashion, civil services, foreign services, forest services, defence, etc are imparted, we have enough schools, colleges, etc to take care of the millions waiting to be educated..Thus, there is absolutely no dearth of Education Resources.

There are jobs and jobs and still more jobs. But this should not make you happy unless there is one available that is just right for you. Beginning with your aptitude and nature, there are other sources that can clearly tell you what career is right for you. These include inputs from your parents and other family members, your peers, your college career counseling or placement cell, professional career counselors who offer advise on payment, and of course the net where numerous sites give ample information on the Career Resources available and where. These very sources will let you know the Career options available falling within your broad domain of interest. Career Mela's held periodically in major cities also are a part of Career Resources.

The various areas that you need to be really aware of in depth include Resume Building, Selecting the Right Career, Appearing in the Right Attire and the Right Conduct in the Job Interview, Presentation Skills, Workplace Survival Skills, Stress and Motivation and Leadership. Sometimes, your Public Speaking skills also will be called into use.

There are enough Education Resources covering all these little and big areas. However, it is essential to be as clear as is possible and in a as early as possible stage about what career you want to pursue. The sooner you are decided the better it is. And there are enough Career Options to choose from. Career Resources also would include newspaper supplements that is solely on Careers, Career magazines and Journals, television programmers that are devoted to career related issues, etc.

Thus, it is clear that in India, there are adequate Education and Career Resources that take within them cover the entire spectrum of education and careers and thereby take care of all your various requirements.

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