Do You Need Relationship Advice?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014

Do you feel that your relationship has stalled. That it is not developing into a full blown long term commitment from the guy. Or do you feel confused that you do not really understand what is really happening and whether he is really interested in you. Do you feel you could use some relationship advice from someone who knows and can tell you what to do or even what not to do? Well you might have tried to understand the problems yourself. You spend a lot of time into developing this into a serious relationship. You want your man to commit long term. You want him to fall in love with you. You want him to realize how much time, energy, devotion you are investing into making the relationship into a beautiful one. But Alas, it often happens that he seems to squirm out of the situation. Even when the going seems to be smooth, he would want out if pressured. You do not really know what is happening, what is causing him to tune out. It is indeed very painful not to know. Not knowing what to do, women react immediately, more so because they have never been taught to deal with such a situation where the man seems to want to get away from committing although he is not averse to a relationship as such. Women usually do one of three things hoping that it will make him see the depth of her commitment and cause him to thus turn around and realise his mistake, so to say, and commit. One, women may freak out on him and make him to see reason by forcing the issue. She may resort to an outburst where she expresses her anguish vehemently. Sadly, this does not work. No one want to be dragged into a relationship by force. And nor would you want to have a man who is in the relationship out of some kind of fear of reprisal or because he wants to avoid such situations in future. This does not make for deepness in the relationship that you seek. This is not good relationship advice. You must have control over yourself and try some other advice. Two, women may consider themselves responsible for the status quo in the relationship. Although self-examination has always been considered to be a good practice, it often becomes a self-castigation. Women start sulking, wallowing in a sense of incompleteness and consider themselves inadequate and unworthy of him. Again, this is a big no no. This will not do. Every woman must believe in themselves. In fact belief in oneself is probably the Greatest Achievement of Mankind. It is said mountains can be moved if one believes in oneself. And this is true for every individual, man or woman. And this Secret is behind every success story that we see around. If you believe in yourself and consider your goal as supremely possible, it Will become possible. Thirdly, the woman may start doubting the character of man in being so vacillating and undecided. This may set in motion, over time, a distrust in the very nature of man. A woman may start thinking that most men do not see beyond their limited self interest. That they are more interested in wining and sports and flaunting their manhood and bravado and do not consider a long term relationship as meaningful. You start having doubts on the very character of men in general. Even this is far from the truth. Although partially it IS true that men are very much in love with themselves and their manhood and are seized with activities that showcase their bravado and appetite for risk-taking, this is only one aspect of them. Men do take care of their families and loved ones and are truly one half of mankind and are often very responsive and sensitive individuals. We require relationship advice that will take us out of these pitfalls of our own limited understanding and show us the real nature of men and a relationship. We must find out what works. Sound relationship advice must tell how a man thinks and how his thinking towards his woman change or may be made to change. That is what a woman needs to know: how to fathom his real feelings and how to make them change permanently towards her such that he is ready for a long term commitment. The real reason why a man cannot decide whether to commit long term or not is often not known to the man himself. He himself does not know why he is not inclined to say yes although he likes the woman. This is very sound advice for the woman and should give a new insight. You should be happy to note that it is not because of you that he is turning away. He may be in love with you but still turn away. Although he may not be clear exactly, in his mind, why he is disinclined to commit, there is a reason of course and that reason for his turning away is felt by him in his gut. And men are not so good in expressing their feelings while women are so fluent in it. This is another reason for women failing to understand their men. Since, women can express what they are feeling so easily they expect the man too to do so equally well. And thus, his silence becomes loaded and prone to misinterpretation. Now what does a man feel in his gut that makes him say, 'wait, not now'? To understand this we have to see how a man relates to himself and the world around him. A man basically has two persona. One for the world around him and one more inside of him that tells him that he has work to do in this lifetime. That he has a particular goal to accomplish which is apparently on a higher plane than that which his external personality seems to be pursuing in his daily life. There is a higher goal which he is trying to fit into the activities of his daily life. So, how does this knowledge help you, the woman, to get him to turn towards you? A man would permanently turn towards the woman for a life long commitment immediately if he realised that this woman would not thwart him in his real pursuit, the higher aspiration that he carries in his bosom. This is the most sound relationship advice a woman can get. She must make him feel that she endorses his inner goals and that she would help him further his secret goals and never come in the way. This is not a trick. This is again a life time commitment from the woman that must come from the core of her heart. And the guy would feel from the core of his heart that this is the woman and he will melt. He will himself turn around and declare his undying allegiance to her. It will be his decision and this is not manipulation. There is no deception in this method. Only pure allegiance from her for his real self. And pure allegiance from him towards her. For a lifetime. This is as good as it can get. Once this inner realization for the suitability of each other's companionship is felt, all distances are swept away. Nothing matters. Beauty, brains, looks et al become meaningless. Only the allegiance matters. This is wonderful. This is THE Relationship Advice that you need. Although one may understand the core idea, there are a few more things that one has to take care of to see that one's intention of getting the love of your life is fulfilled without fail. There are ways to see that he is positively inclined towards you even when, for some reason, he has become disenchanted. There are fun ways to get to understand the issues involved which you can check out here, without wasting your time, to get a lifetime of happiness and commitment. About the Author Discover this new breakthrough method to get to the heart of your guy to get his enthusiastic commitment to a long term relationship to you in a non pushy non manipulative way without wasting your precious time. 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