Do You Know the Psychological Effects of Anger in Our Life

Dr. Purushothaman
February 10, 2019

Anger is an emotion characterized by antagonism towards someone or something. It is a good thing because it will help you to express your negative emotions. There is a saying in my mother tongue that is "Adhikamayal amruthum vishamanu”. This means that whatever which is in excessive will be harmful. Anger is also as same like that it will do the same effect. Now a days because of other stress and tensions our anger mounts in a higher range. In ancient days as a part of our daily routine, we used for prayer twice a day for thanking God to give a good day. But now the situation was completely changed, we hardly payer 1 time that is in the evening time, we just pray for something else. Actually, we don’t know for what this prayer is meant for, we just pray for complaining about our problems. In ancient times prayers are used as a medium for meditation. Now in the western culture we use meditation without considering its essences. Meditation actually makes us to concentrate at one point, while concentrating on this point only a few people can stop other thoughts which came to their mind while more than 70% people cannot control their thoughts. For this 70% population meditation gives only a small effect. For them prayers can do magic. Prayers make you to concentrate your thoughts to a single thought that is the God. As a part of our necessity we used to sit with the thought of God. We are forced for that. Those who used to do prayers can do wonders. More than anything else we can at least control our emotions. Through this we can control our anger. I would like to tell you one story to explain about anger.
One day a saint and his follower monks came to a village and choose the shade of a tree to rest. While seeing this the owner of that place came to that side and he shouted for using this place as their resting place. He abused the Saint and follower monks with harsh words. “Go away from here, Monks like you come with some pretty words and you will start to take advantage of us”. After hearing everything the Saint became unruffled and calm. He always tried to express the feeling of love and kindness. After his conversation Saint take over the conversation and he told the man to come forward. The man came forward, now the Saint started his conversation by asking one question “Sir, if you purchase a lovely gift for someone, but the person did not accept it, then with whom the gift belongs to?”. The young man came with a silly smile and replied “ if he will not take that means it will belong to me only”. Then Saint replied “ yes, you said the exact answer- like that gift If I will not accept your curse means it will remain with you”. Then Saint continued, “As same like the gift it all remains with you”. The young man understood his mistakes, he knelt down and hold Saint’s feet.
I am not telling you that you all should behave like this. I know we all are not Saint. But you can express it in a different way, in a more polite way. Always remember that our words will reflect our inner self like the mirror shows our image. If we feel the goodness of our heart it will give back goodness. If it is filled with hatred, then it will give back hatred.
There is a well-known saying that “if you are really angry count to 10 & if you are very angry count to 100”. It was said by the famous psychologist “Thomas Jefferson”. I think more than reading we should make it as a habit. This is because your habit explains about your behaviour. Your behaviour explains your personality. More than that, these habits are the result of an unending thought. So start changing your thoughts. If you will realize the strength of your thoughts you will not force your mind to think negatively. It's our thoughts that make our life like hell or heaven. Both the hell and heaven looks attractive, but the life which we will experience in both will be different.

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