Do Meditation and Make 1 Day = 48 Hours

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


For most of us meditation means a time consuming activity; sitting for long hours--- legs crossed & eyes closed. A tedious process to catch our mind! Isn't it? If you also have the same notion for meditation think again!!
Meditation is not time-consuming instead it is a time-rewarding activity. An activity which helps you add extra hours in your daily life. Sounds unbelievable?? Let us see how
# Adding productive hours in office work:
We often witness, if there is too much work in our plates, our mind gets confused which one to pick first especially if time is a constraint.
Tip : Haste makes waste. A meditative mind not only prioritizes its work but also finishes it before time, which helps us gaining time for leisure and work becomes delightful!
# Finishing daily household chores efficiently:
As working mothers how often we regret Alas! If we could be with our children for their homework!! Our office work eats not only our time but also our energy. As a result, by the time we reach our home, we remain not more than a depleted-exhausted soul & even the smallest household work seems to be a burden!
Tip : Meditation not only revitalizes our body, giving us extra energy but our mind also gets settled; which means, returning to our family fresh, finishing household chores effectively & spending quality time with everyone---everyday.
# Late-Goer students:
Nowadays, most of the students have Do-it-at-last-moment-attitude. Resulting in missing their classes, coachings & even timelines of filling their forms. Such an attitude if becomes a habit can be disastrous for a persons career in the long run.
Tip : Meditation makes our mind alert & aware of the pros & cons of a particular situation. Nurturing time-saving attitude gets developed early in life.
# Meditation reduces sleep:
Yes! its true. Meditation not only improves the quality of sleep but also reduces it effectively. It means, previously if a man sleeps for 8-9 hours in a day but he still wakes up in not-so-fresh-mood, while after meditation he sleeps only 4-5 hours & awakes fresh. This is called Yog-Nidra. In this process, a man undergoes quality sleep by reducing the sleeping hours & a fresh awakening.
Tip: Sleep constitutes a major time-stakeholder in our daily life. Saving on sleep-time means saving quality time to invest in our awakening hours!
In all, meditation helps managing our time & our mind in so many different ways!
Want to save time for yourself??? Start Meditating!!!
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