Dr. Purushothaman
November 28, 2013


The purpose of something is the reason for which it was created. A car was created to transport people and things from a place to another. A toothbrush is made for brushing teeth. Everything we see was created for a purpose. The inventor (creator) had a purpose in mind inventing. In the same vein you find that you were in the mind of someone (that is to say a creator had a purpose in mind when he created you. Now what is that purpose? How do you discover that purpose?

We must all understand that there is a reason for which we were created. Get this straight everything on earth is for a purpose. The birds, cows and living creatures have their purposes for living how much Man, the crown of God's creation. Discovering should be the most important task you have. After you've done that the next thing is to fulfill that purpose. Sad to say there are millions I mean billions of people who have not and will not discover their purpose let alone fulfilling such. But I know you are not one of them the fact that you're reading this article tells me you are close to getting to know your purpose in life.

The question we then ask is why do we need to find our purpose for living? The answer is not far from the question. Knowing your purpose is the reason why you live. The reason why you are on earth. What you are here. You don't ask a car why it was invented or ask what clothes are for. The reason is because we already know why they are there. As human beings our complex natures demand that we find out why we are on this planet. Now knowing your purpose does the following to you. One, it simplifies our life, what greater joy we have knowing why we are here it helps us focus on the main thing and discard the non essentials. Secondly, it gives us focus when you know you purpose in life you get to focus all your ability on it and guess what, you'll succeed. Knowing your purpose motivates you, no other driving force is known than this. Lastly knowing your purpose gives your life a meaning, when you know your purpose you have a real sense for living which eventually gives you fulfillment.

How then do I discover my purpose in life? I may hear you ask. Now sit down pick a pen and a plain sheet and write boldly on the top of the plain sheet What do I want to be remembered for? All you need to do is to begin to write the answers that pop up from your mind. At first a lot of things will be coming out of your mind. Just keep on writing you'll get to a stage where what you'll write will bring out tears from you then you've gotten your purpose for life. This procedure takes a lot of effort and discipline but following it up will surely help you discover your purpose for living

I hope you'll carry this out. Don't just read this article for nothing. My desire for everyone I come across in life is to help them discover their reason for living. After you've found your purpose, the next thing is to strive to fulfill it.

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