Discovering Your Life Purpose

Dr. Purushothaman
November 27, 2013


It is very common for people to ask themselves why am I here. At some point in every person's life there is this need to understand one's place in this universe. For some people discovering their life purpose is significantly important to moving forward in their lives. Some people know from the time they are children what their life purpose is while others may begin to question their existence which in turn causes them to really consider why they are here on this physical plane. It is so very important to understand the purpose of life is unique to each individual. What one person is here for is not necessarily what another person is here for. Understanding this allows people to come into their life purpose on their own terms. There are various ways to find your purpose of life.

One of the first steps to find your life purpose is to stop thinking about what other people want or expect for you to be and do. All too often outside opinions and perceptions lead people away from who they truly are. There are so many expectations that people have for themselves that sometimes people are unsure of what they should be doing. People can find that they lose their life purpose without even having truly considered their life purpose. This is very saddening because so many people live their lives unfulfilled because they are not going towards understanding the purpose of life. Thus, to begin the process to find your purpose of life you must be willing to stop considering the opinions and perceptions of other people.

The next step to find your life purpose is to ask yourself who am I? There are numerous people walking around who are totally unaware of who they are. There are a variety of reasons why so many people are unsure of who they are. Oftentimes this comes from familial and societal influences which can often lead a person away from their purpose of life. By taking the time to ask who I am this allows people to consider who they are without needing to fit anyone's standards. Oftentimes, asking this very simple question forces people to give up the things in their lives that are not authentic. Asking the simple question who am I is essential to beginning the journey to find your life purpose.

In many cases, meditation and self-reflection are mandatory to find your life purpose. It is very difficult for people to come to terms with who they are and what they want if they're not willing to stop just for a brief second to consider everything about their lives. Meditation is the quieting of the mind and the body. This stillness allows people to relinquish the need to control everything all the time. By relinquishing this control people have the opportunity to go into themselves and find the answers to life's deepest questions such as what is my life purpose.

Discovering a life purpose can be easy or difficult depending on the individual. Everyone has innate potentials which resonate within them and desire to be expressed by living in alignment with one's purpose in life.

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