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Dr. Purushothaman
September 9, 2013

Let me tell you a quick story. Unfortunately, many people come to realize too late that what are frequently advertised as the best age spot removers are not really as effective as the cosmetics companies have claimed that they are. Of course, this is also true of the many clinical methods that are advertised to be the best age spot remover. Many of these can be bad for you also.

First we will talk about the various methods that many dermatologists and skin care experts consider being the best age spot removers. What they frequently advise is that you remove these unsightly blemishes through the use of laser treatment, chemical peeling, and dermabrasion, all of which can lead to the damage of healthy skin cells. You don't need any more damage than you already have.

Your skin cells have already been damaged enough by the years of exposure to the UV radiation emitted by the sun, which is exactly why you are now seeking the best age spot remover available. What has happened to your skin is that you have developed what is known as melanin hyperpigmentation, which is actually the defense that your skin uses which causes tanning, and freckles.

What these blemishes should truly be called are sunspots, but that would not be to the advantage of the major cosmetics companies that call their products the best age spot removers. This is because to call them by their true name instead of linking them with the process of getting older would not play on a human beings natural penchant for vanity. If you embarrass a person into feeling old before their time it does more for sales.

What the majority of the skincare companies out there will tell you is the best age spot remover is one that contains a chemical bleaching agent as the primary ingredient. Not only do these agents not work effectively, but any product that has you introducing chemicals to your skin is actually dangerous. These get absorbed into your body, and some of them can cause some pretty extreme internal reactions.

Chemical bleaching agents do not work due to the fact that they have a strong tendency to bleed out into the area that is surrounding the blemish itself. This will lighten the entire area evenly and will leave your brown spots boldly visible still. The best age spot removers will contain natural compounds that are designed to blend the various tones of your skin, which makes the dark spots invisible.

The best age spot remover will contain what is known as Extrapone Nutgrass Root extract from India. This ingredient has proven itself over many centuries to be not only safe, but extremely effective in evening out your skin and giving your complexion a healthy, vibrant appearance. By using all-natural products that contain this ingredient you will give yourself a more pleasing look overall.

Make no mistake about it. The best age spot removers will contain nothing that could harm you, and everything that will benefit your skin. When you choose your skincare products wisely, you will not believe how healthy, and attractive they can make your skin appear.

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