Differences Between Unhealthy Relationships and Real Love

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


There are two reasonably relationships, they're either built on stone, or else built on sand. When a relationship is made on stone the inspiration often stands, since love, trust, honesty, communication and other elements that compose a healthy relationship continues throughout the terms of the commitment. On the other hand, the relationships built on sand lack the weather needed to form love grow and relationships to prosper.

Unhealthy relationships are engineered on "You trust me, but I decide if I will trust you." Selfishness composes dangerous relationships, since one or both parties are out for gain, instead of to allow and share.

Selfishness is an egotism approach where the person feels that some owes him/her something. Rarely do they contemplate what they owe; rather they believe that the world is forever in debt to him or her. When someone feels the planet owes them, they often lack thought, respect, loyalty, faithfulness, and commitment. The egotistic minds often base relationships with family, friends and mate on what can I buy from you. At the onset of a bad relationship, the mate with egotistical thinking can seduce his/her partner, making him or her believe there are solely sensible intentions within the new relation. In different words, the person leads the opposite partner to believe that he or she has the most effective interest for the partner and of the relationship in mind. Often this type of relationship can move along quick, since the partner with egotistical thinking strives to forestall the opposite mate from noticing his/her real intentions.

It is quite common that these sorts of relationships are engineered solely on sexual interest instead of true love. As the relationship progresses the mate believing that smart intentions were meant at the start typically find out when it is too late the connection is heading down a dead end road, with only one partner working.

Totally different relationships in the globe boil all the way down to sensible or dangerous relationships. When two individuals join in intimate relations, each parties must work onerous to create the connection work. A unhealthy relationship will utilize tools believing that the mechanisms can keep the spice in his or her life when they feel tired out of the mate. In alternative words, a dangerous relationship focuses principally on sexual gratification, which never occurs. The person may have interaction in pornographic reading or viewing, promiscuous relationships, violence, and thus forth to gratify the desire.

The love given by these people are superficial love that focuses solely on gain. Want is their only intention and so, they can lack the weather that make love work. Few egotistical varieties amendment over time, while others become more aggressive and look for harder to gratify their desires. The final need of those individuals is to please self, while taking what they will get from others and at the same time manipulating others into believing they're smart souls.

Loneliness is one amongst the key factors that land love hungry souls in dangerous relationships. Unhealthy relationships are neglecting, failure directed, and often abusive. If you are in an exceedingly relationship and your partner is out for self-gain,take warning now, since in most instances failure is the path you'll walk. Some self-seeking souls could turn violent as time passes, and will frequently neglect their mate. This sort of partner can disrespect, and place ongoing doubt in the mind of the partner, until a breakdown happens
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