Developing Winning Attitude

Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

Everything you get in life is about attitude. Life gives to you exactly what you feel about it. If you believe money only go to those it likes, or feels you are among those it hates, you will never have it because your attitude is rejecting it. Your attitude determines what get attracted to you.

The difference between success and failure, wealth and poverty, and attraction and rejection is attitude. You will be happy to know that you can dump negative attitude and develop positive attitude in many areas.

Your attitude towards life

There was a story of two people who were told to give their assessment of water a glass cup filled to half. One saw it as half-filled while the other saw it as half-down. The difference between the two of them is attitude. The first person's attitude is positive; he believed the water is going up. But the second person's attitude is negative; he saw the water going down (almost finished).

Like the water in the glass cup, life presents equal opportunities to everyone. Its individuals that determine what you get out of it.

You've got to develop the right attitude by creating your own environment emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Communicate to your mind daily, telling yourself the best is prepared for you in life, and you will get nothing but the best.

2. Your attitude towards people

Having right attitude towards other people is very important because you need good relationship to get the best out of life.

It has been said often that, "no man is an island". That is, you can never go far in life by keeping to yourself.

Research carried out by some relationship experts revealed that; the money you make in any endeavour is determined only 12.5% by knowledge and 87.5% by your ability to deal with people.

Don't be hostile to people, be friendly and you will be surprised how much you are loved.

3. Your attitude towards money

Money has eyes and wings. This is the reason it goes only those who have receptive attitude towards it, and move away from those who have hatred for it. (Not because they don't like money but because they feel money didn't like them). Could that be the reason money has not come to you?

Before you can be rich, you must have it in your belief system that you can be. Not thinking about being rich alone, you must also think of how much of it you want to acquire within a targeted period of time, and pursue it honorably.

4. Your attitude towards starting a project

Another area you have to develop a positive attitude is on your approach to starting new things. Some people never start anything in life because they feel they cannot complete it if they start. That is their belief.

If you see any task or project as insurmountable it will remain so. But if you see yourself having the ability to face it you will achieve great success on it. After all, some people might have done that kind of project before, that should be a clue that you too can do it. No matter how difficult a task might appear to be, tell yourself, if others can do it I can do it too and you will be surprise at how much success you will achieve.

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