Developing a Success Habit Set, Promotes Long Term Sustainable Success

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


Inspiration is that fire in your belly, which drives you to begin taking the necessary action to realize your dreams. Sustaining that initial momentum and to keep effectively traveling on the path of achievement, requires you to develop a success habit set, to help you sustain your daily efforts. That initial feeling of inspiration will be tested many times, as you travel on your success journey. You will encounter numerous challenges, setbacks and even temporary failures, along the way. The one thing, which will keep you going despite any obstacles, which may cross your path, even when that initial fire begins to burn out, is a well-designed and focused success habit set.
Have the courage to examine your habits today, are the things you habitually do, leading you closer to, or holding you away from the business or personal success you desire? Reinforce and develop, all your current success habits, which are delivering the results you want, but have the conviction and the courage to begin developing new success habits, which will support and promote your on-going and sustainable success. Aristotle said this so well when he said “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not and act, but a habit.
How do you Recognise your Current Habits?
If you are in any way unsure of what your current habits and beliefs are, all you have to do is take a look around your life and business right now, you are living those habits and beliefs. Accept that the environment you live in and your current circumstances are the result of your habits and beliefs and not vice versa. Your current habit set is dictating how your world unfolds. When you make this realization and appreciate that the habitual actions you take or fail to take every day are moulding your future, you empower yourself to begin the journey from average to exceptional. You immediately change from being a mere CREATURE of your circumstances to a direct CREATOR of your circumstances.
Building Your New Success Habit set
Having a clear understanding of what has limited your growth in the past is important, as it gives you a set of guidelines, which shows you what to avoid in the future. The behaviors, habits and beliefs, which have held you away from your dreams until now, are merely neural pathways that can be altered. With sustained effort over time you can replace any bad or limiting habit, with a new success habit, which will support you on your success journey.
Action Idea: The journey to start building a success habit set, starts with first getting a crystal clear understanding of exactly what you want in your life and business and turning this in an understandable, functional and easy to use and apply vision statement. Once you know where you want to go, invest the time to discover the daily routines or activities, which will support you to achieve the success you desire. Now all that is left to do is to gradually build a plan to introduce these new success routines into your experience.
Try to identify one new success habit at a time, which will serve you going forward. Invest the time to make this part of who and what you are and success will begin to manifest in the most unsuspecting ways.
Avoid the habit of continually finding ways to GET OFF and develop the success habit of GETTING ON. GET ON with creating and applying your success habits, acquiring the knowledge and skills you need, taking consistent inspired action and live your potential. When you look back over your life will you remember all the times you GOT OFF (Gave up) or the times you GOT ON?
Practice makes Permanent
Action Idea: Identify a few new success habits or routines, which will assist your progress, toward creating the fulfilling life you want to lead and introduce these into your life. These daily routines or actions, when carried out daily, will help you to achieve your goals.
How does it work?
Choose between 3 and 5 new productive success habits or new daily success supporting behaviours, which you choose to introduce into your life. These habits or new daily behaviours, will support your goals and help you to keep moving in the direction of your vision, in both your business and personal life.
You will at first need to use you willpower to carry out these tasks or perform these new daily routines every day.
As you keep applying your willpower every day, for about 90 days, these new routines will eventually become ingrained enough, so that they will have replaced, your unproductive habits, which have kept you trapped in a life you do not enjoy. Those limiting bad habits will have been replaced with new set of productive success habits.
Your new positive routines or daily success habits, when adhered to over time, will become second nature to you and they will become an integral part of who you are. These new daily routines will serve you by ensuring that you effortlessly take the right actions every day without even thinking about it. This new success habit set, will just be who you are and will support you to unconsciously take the right action necessary to achieve outstanding results.
The secret to make this work for you is to remember that developing habits is about daily practice. Perfect practice, makes permanent, so commit to practice and learn new success habits, which support your business and personal goals and you will get to live a winning lifestyle, which is both fulfilling and aligned with your dreams.
Practice the success habit of rehearsing your perfect future regularly throughout your day. Your subconscious does not know the difference between your imagined future and the real thing. Consistent use of this success habit will exponentially increase your potential to bring your perfect future into you're your reality. Keep committed to drive your success with the right success habit set and nothing is beyond the realm of possibility for you.

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