Develop Your Spirituality - Be a Saint!

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


On first thought, developing one's spirituality may seem an impossible task, let alone being a saint. However, both are possible and not as difficult as it may seem.
What is Spirituality?
Spirituality is only the acceptance that you are basically spirit in essence and not the material body. Moreover, that all of creation is spirit in essence and not material. How so?
A spiritual person has no doubt that they are spirit. A saint lives this truth in his or her life.
How Can Spirituality Be Developed?
Each person is different, in respect to their experiences and psychological composition. However, each person is the same, as if they acknowledge they are spirit, then spirit, as gold, is the same, no matter where it is found.
This is what makes someone spiritual. It is no surprise that saints of whatever religion all share common traits.
Often when saints (or holy men) from different religions happen to meet, they feel an instant affinity, and act as brothers.
Spirituality can be developed by embracing creation, the creator, and all of living creatures as a physical impossibility.
The conditions for life are so obscure and statistically impossible, that one must see it in spiritual terms only. Just considering this fact, and dwelling on it will reinforce your basic spiritual nature.
The saint, takes this advice quite seriously, and does nothing else.
The saint rejects the world and materialism and accepts and lives the world of spirit. The saint begins as anyone would begin, by developing their spirituality.
However, they do not stop there, they begin to live the principles they have developed.
So therefore, its up to each person, to ask, do I wish to be a saint?
How Can One Be Spiritual and Still Live in the Material World?
This has been a dilemma for ages, and a question not easily answered. It is enough to say you can be "in" this world but not "of" this world.
The material conditions of the world change continually. The spiritual conditions of the world never change. So as you are developing your spirituality, you can even enjoy the world, only not be bound up in it.
This binding is called Karma, and keeps even saints from being liberated in spirit.
You must not be 'of' the world, as this will deny its spiritual reality. While "in" the world, you can still understand that all moves, all exists, all that ceases to exist, were expressions, or rather reflections from a spiritual reality.
If you can accept this, you can become spiritual, live and do your work in the material world, but never be bound by it.
You can in this simple way, not incur Karma, and should you carry this principle out to its logical end, you can become a saint.
What is Sainthood?
Depending on what particular religion you follow, a saint can be defined differently in general terms.
However in its basic terms, all saints have realized the spiritual basis of all creation, and have joined it, and are well attached not to creation, but to the creator.
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