Dating Can Be The Start Of A Blissful Relationship

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Dating is the act of a person getting into a social commitment with another person of the opposite sex, normally on a romantic interest. In the life of a human being, dating is a major activity that almost every human being has to take part in at one point in life.
The start of a relationship involves one meeting the intended person and coming into an agreement on whether the parties involved are compatible with each other, and whether they can go ahead and date. In most cases, the man proposes to the woman on the relationship, and if the woman is okay with the proposal, the two become a couple, and they can go ahead and date.
A successful dating experience can lead to marriage. The dating period is the time that the couple get to understand one another, in terms of character and emotional feelings, likes and dislikes and so many other features.
There are different types of relationships. Some involve young teenagers who are really new in the dating scene, and don't have much experience about relationships. Others involve middle aged youths who already have some experience, while others involve mature people who have had enough experience and know how to handle their partners.
When young people get into the dating scene, they get to know what life is when there is another person in their lives, and not just them, mom and dad. It makes their minds mature in terms of responsibility and caring about others, and not just being taken care of.
The middle aged youths have already had some little experience about dating, but they still need some more in order to be able to mature as far as dating and relationships is concerned.
Dating among the more mature people is many a time a stepping stone to marriage. Most of the people who are dating for marriage normally have been in three to five relationships before, hence they understand different people, and they can easily choose a person that they would like to spend the rest of their lives with.
It is essential that people date before they settle down in life, because this enables them to know their partners well, and at the same time enabling them to mature in their relationships. Maturity in a relationships helps avoid most of the arguments experienced in relationships, hence a healthy relationship experience.
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