Dangers Of A Negative Mind – 3 Steps On How To Free Yourself From It

Dr. Purushothaman
September 18, 2013

What kind of mind do you have? Many of us find ourselves in one negative situation after another, and wonder why this is so, without realizing that our circumstances are only results of the quality of our minds.

If you walk around with a mind full of negative programming, this comes out in the form of negative perceptions, bad habits, unpleasant attitudes, negative behavior, and unwise decisions. All these thus send your life down a negative path. In other words, you are imprisoned in a cage full of negative things and events, just because of your negative mind.

The bigger problem is that we are usually not aware of how our subconscious mind is formed. This usually forms by itself and absorbs influences without us knowing about it. These influences may come from past experiences, interactions with people, memories, and so on. This strips us of the chance to control which influences we want it to heed, and this also means our present lives are easily influenced by our past. And once fully programmed, the subconscious simply controls us and therefore influences our lives. Thus, we are left imprisoned in situations that we don’t want but are actually unconsciously responsible for.

If you want to free yourself from this negative cage, you have to change the way your mind works.

1. Be aware of your negative mind. The first step towards freedom is to be aware of your negative mind and to recognize its signals. You have to be able to detect the exact moments when your negative mind kicks in and starts influencing you. This could be difficult, but it can have a significant advantage because it gives you a chance to fight against the negative direction your negative mind is taking you.

2. Pick up the habit of questioning your mind. One way of fighting against your negative mind is to pick up the habit of questioning your own thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. This way, you will not unconsciously follow everything your subconscious mind dictates. This is a habit that takes a lot of practice to develop since most of us are caught up in our busy lives that our minds are constantly distracted. But there are techniques such as meditation and deep thinking to help you become more aware of your thoughts so you can question them.

As you continue to question your mind, you become progressively detached from the negative programming of your mind. You are one step closer to achieving personal freedom from the clutches of your negative mind.

3. Reprogram your mind. Detaching yourself from your negative mind is not enough. It is still dangerous to have such a negative mind lurking within you. So you need to work on reprogramming it so it becomes positive.

To do this, you can use subliminal programming. This is the process of instilling new thought patterns in your mind. This way, the mind is programmed to always go towards the positive direction in any circumstances it faces. This also leads to positive results in your life. Subliminal programming has the power to overwrite all negative thoughts, even ones that have been embedded there since our childhood.


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