Daily habits you should practice

good habits

Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

Habit is the key program in our mind and in our life. Our routine habits have a major role in our day to day life. Habits are really programmed in our mind from our early childhood. To become more successful or to become a better person or to change our life we should setup ideal habits in our life. Habits change our routine in a better way. The interesting fact is that we can change our own habit if we really need. Most of us find it difficult changes their old habits, but if we put some simple efforts, it is the most easiest thing to change our habits. Don't think that it occurs a lot of effort and energy. Here we are presenting some simple things that can change your habits suddenly. Make it a point to be regular in executive these simple things.
1. From today onwards wake up 15 minutes earlier
Yes! We will start today. Before going to sleep make a firm determination that from tomorrow morning onwards that I will change my habits and I will wake up 15 minutes early. For example, you were waking up at 6.30 am daily from tomorrow onwards you will wake up at 6.15 am. Make up your mind do regularly for 14 days daily. Wonderful!! Now, you can see that you regularly wake up at 6.15 am and you can utilize this early period for your daily creative work.
2. Do some simple exercise daily
Every day you can practice doing some household activities like rearranging various household things. You can do some cleaning around the surrounding. You can go for a morning walk nearby park or do some cycling, running and the like. If you are unable to go outside you can walk on the treadmill machine or the like programs. Any how, you should make it a point to do some kind of exercise regularly.
3. Rewrite your goal today
It is a good practice to go through your daily journal and analyze it and re-write and re-arrange with new ideas.
4. Make it a habit to read one chapter of a motivational book
Even though we are regularly reading spiritual books and studying it, make it a practice to get some self-help and motivational books and read one chapter from a book daily and think over it. Please see that it takes only 15 minutes daily. After sometimes you can notice that you will notice wonderful positive changes in life.
5. Listen to a motivational audio while you are travelling
Now a days you get plenty of motivational audio programs which you can listen and meditate on that while you are travelling.
6. Start writing what I should do today list.
From today onwards you affirm that I will start my day only after making a, what I should do list today.
7. Scan the newspaper and read only the headlines
Most of us spend a lot of time by simply going through all unnecessary things in the Newspapers when wake up. I know some of my friends are highly irritable if they can finish reading the whole Newspaper in the morning itself. Many a time they skip many important things and give importance to reading the Newspapers completely. Actually, we need to only the important which are relevant with our day to day life. As far as I am concerned, when I get the Newspaper I scan it and read only the important points. After starting this practice, I could save a lot of time and I could avoid registering unwanted things in my mind.
8. Write one chapter of a new article.
It is a simple practice to start writing any Article of a Book or Journal chapter by chapter. From Today onwards start writing one chapter for a specific title. And you can finish your own book or article within a short period.
9. Observe the good things around you.
My dear friend, look around your surroundings. How wonderful it is! How beautiful it is! How good it is! Even though you see many things both good and bad, make it a point to observe and understand about the good things that are happening in and around you.
10. Start smiling in front of a mirror daily
Even though we have learned a lot about meditation, mirror gazing is one of the wonderful methods of meditation practiced for centuries. A simple version of the same can be practiced in our daily by simply standing in front of a mirror and looking at yourself and smiling at you. You can practice it daily before you start your daily routine. You need not need any extra time for this. The benefits are wonderful.
11. Always do the most important thing as the first item
It is usually seen that people don't prioritize things. They don't do things in order. Most of the time we give importance to the most unimportant thing. Knowingly or unknowingly we skip important matters in our life. It is a nice practice to arrange things in the order of priority or importance and make a checklist and do it accordingly. See how you become more successful than your previous days.
12. Don't give over promise to others
It is an honest practise to give promise to anybody only possible by you. Most of the time we give unnecessary promises which are unpractical and unattainable and this will create a lot of confusion in everybody’s mind. Before agreeing anything, let us think about the various possibilities and then only give a final promise.
13. Always be Proactive
We should always start everything focusing on the positive outcome and we should take up our own step. We should set our goals in a specific, measurable, attainable and realistic way. We should be consistent in our activities and we should find out the right person for the right purpose. We should anticipate all the outcomes. We should try to prevent the setbacks at the earliest. We should always develop a problem solving skill and should prioritize our activities. We should be responsible for all the outcomes.
14. Find time to spend time with nature
Most of the time we are unaware about the beauty of our beautiful Nature where we are living. We are mostly concerned about ourselves and our problems. If we observe the nature we can learn and experience many things and wonderful changes will occur in life. Instead of spending most of your time inside your house, make it a point to spend at least 15 minutes daily in the evening and enjoy our Nature.
15. Always talk to a friend daily
Make it a habit to call or meet a close friend and talk to him and discuss with him mutually interesting things. You can also share your emotional problems, so that you can get some relief.
16. Save some money daily
Even though the quantities are very less, it should be a practice to save some money daily for your future security. We don't know when financial problems arise in life. When a financial crisis occurs in future your little savings may be the only support. So money saving should be a specific practice in our life. Don't spend whatever you get completely.
17. We definite to spend time with family
In our busy daily life many people, especially executives, business people and other busy people are unable to spend time with their loved once and it will lead to family problems and issues and will end in broken families. We should understand that family relationship very sensitive and we should take care of it very carefully. Therefore, it is a nice practice to find a definite time to be with your family and enjoying.
18. Be alone, at least for 20 minutes in your own room
Every day we should spend at least 20 minutes twice a day to be with ourselves and sit silently. It is a meditational practice that we can do.
19. Before going to sleep, write down what you have done today
Before going to sleep, it is good practice to write down a short description of the important things that you have accomplished. You can also write a short list about what you should do tomorrow.
20. Always say a gratitude prayer when you wake up and before going to bed
We should practice saying prayer and affirmations for a better life. You select one particular prayer, affirmation and make it a habit to repeat before going to bed and when you wake up in the morning.
21. Go to bed as far as early
We can observe that most people are going to sleep very late and they wake up in the morning very late and it creates a lot of problems for their physical and mental well-being. It is non-fact that early to bed and early in the morning actually activates our creativity. My personal experience is that for a long time I was a person who was going to bed very late, reading and writing and researching. Actually, it created a lot of stress related problems for me. I recently changed my habit and now I am going to sleep exactly at 10.30 pm and waking up at 5.30 am. Now wonderful changes started in my life. Now I am more alert and active and I am free of my stress related problems and I complete a lot of my daily programs after I wake up.

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