Creativity and the Excitement of Life

Dr. Purushothaman
November 25, 2013


Are you allowing yourself to express your creativity? When you were growing up, were your creative expressions discouraged? Would you like to express that part of you and experience more of the excitement of life?

As a Marriage, Family Therapist for many years, I was able to assist many men, women and children to awaken this dormant part of them. They often had negative beliefs based on negative experiences that caused them to shut down their wonderful creativity. The clients shared with me how they always felt something gnawing at them that needed to be expressed.

With the creative HART (Holistic and Rapid Transformation) process I developed, I was able to help them remove their blocks so that they could allow their creative juices to flow.

For example, Joyce, a fifty-five-year-old woman was retiring from her computer job at a college. She came to me because she did not know what to do with her life. I intuitively picked up that she was a singer. When I told her, "You are a singer," she burst into tears and cried uncontrollably for about five minutes.

When Joyce was able to compose herself, she shared with me how much she loved to sing but stopped in her teen years. Her well meaning parents discouraged her from pursuing a singing career. They insisted that she go to college to learn skills and have a career in something that offered her security and a good living. In fact, her parents refused to attend her singing performances in the high school plays.

From that negative experience, Joyce felt hurt and rejected. She decided that when she sings she is not loved. To stop the pain that she felt from that negative thought, she gave up singing. The teenager buried a beautiful part of her along with her hurt feelings. However, they were still in her unconscious and still affecting her.

The impressionable daughter succumbed to her parents' pressure and followed their dreams. "I always wondered why I always felt something missing in my life, Helene," said Joyce. Her tears of sadness changed to tears of joy, as she smiled brightly with the thought of singing again and enjoying a part of her that she had buried a long time ago.

Are you ready to awaken or reawaken your unexpressed creativity? It may be in art, music, crafts, needlework, writing, inventions, cooking, speaking, etc. There is no limit to creativity. Our minds (logic) are in our left brain, and our creativity flows from our right brain which is also the feeling, intuitive, and spiritual part of us.

The following poem can support you to enjoy more of your creativity.

My Creativity

I am...

1) Expressing my creativity.

2) Allowing myself to be creative for the joy of it.

3) Realizing that my creativity comes from my spirit which is my unlimited, all knowing part.

4) Continuing to express my unique creativity no matter what anyone says or does.

5) Balancing my life so that I have time for my creativity.

6) Accepting that being creative for the fun of it is time well spent.

7) Enjoying the excitement of life.

You can and you deserve to feel the joy of expressing your unique creativity. Go for it!

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