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Dr. Purushothaman
October 13, 2013


Creative writing is a pleasurable activity and there is no age limit when it comes to indulging in any kind of writing exercise. Both students and professionals can benefit from creative writing exercises and enhance their standards of writing and ignite mind's eye and thoughts.

This article mainly focuses on the purpose of creative writing, its forms and also guides a beginner in finding creative writing exercises and books both online and offline.

Purpose Of Pursuing Creative Writing Online And Offline Courses

There are various reasons due to which people pursue creative writing courses before they begin writing seriously. Learning the basics of creative writing unlocks a path for thinking creatively and helps extend boundaries of imagination.

Writing exercises can be very entertaining, especially for kids, who are not so enthusiastic because these exercises make them to forget that they are amid a learning process.

One main purpose of pursuing creative writing classes is to open one's mind to new ideas and pen imaginative thoughts for narration. Perfection is very vital in any kind of writing and in order to reach to that level, it is essential to enhance one's skills and master various facets of language for example, in English, metaphors, spelling, character profiling and so forth.

Different Styles Of Creative Writing Practices

Different styles of creative writing courses are available, of which many are premeditated in order to exclusively work on a particular facet of story writing (fiction writing) such as lingo deftness or design improvement. Whereas other creative writing exercises merely assist in steps to begin writing a story and innovative idea development, for any age group.

A high-quality writing exercise is just giving the first line of a story and allowing your imagination to pour in subsequent text. The first line is often a question that a writer requires in order to craft an entire story.

Creative writing classes and courses help master writing techniques. A lot of proficient writers practice this craft using these exercises, in order to learn more and perfect their writing skills.

Locate Creative Writing Exercises

Usually a lot of people, especially those in the teaching profession, prefer to form and generate their own writing exercises. Nevertheless, there are a lot of options available to find handy and ready made courses and practicing exercises, both offline and online.

Creative writing online is the best medium to avail resources to find good and quality creative writing exercises. There are numerous websites that do not require any subscription and avail free writing exercises like poetry writing, fiction writing and more for all age groups.

Most of the websites offering creative writing online practices and exercises have a provision for self tests by which a writer can test his / her writing abilities and skills and improvise. A lot of other websites offer creative prompts, which can be used to begin writing a story. Websites that offer simple classes and training for developing language proficiency and writing techniques are also available.

Another place to hunt for good creative writing exercises is a well-established library or bookstore. Before the Internet, lecturers and writers would go through a lot of old and new books in the market that included writing exercises for children and other ages. These books are now also available online at much lesser costs.

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