Creative Thinking - A Skill to Develop

Dr. Purushothaman
November 25, 2013


Thinking creatively is a mental skill, and like any other skill that we are born with it can also be developed. Creative thinking can improve the quality of life both personal and professional. It just needs a bit of time and patient practice to hone this skill. Creativity means producing something original as well as worthwhile. It is basically a doorway to new possibilities of life and a mental skill worth developing. The misconception that exists is that creative thinking is a talent available to only a few, but this is not the case. Each one of us has the capacity to think different. Basically any new idea, invention, discovery has its source from creative thinking. Being dynamic is what boosts the thinking skills.

How to Think Creative

Creative thinking skills can be cultivated over time. Since the human mind is the store house of ideas it is important to keep the mind constantly active and open to new ideas that come its way. You need to develop your knowledge in every possible way and expand your range of thoughts. Mugging up facts won't do you any good if your concepts are not clear. Only when you start asking questions does your mind actually participate in the thinking process. Adaptability is an essential factor; the mind must be trained to accept both positive and negative changes. You must take out some time each day for developing creative thinking skills, because only practice is what makes it perfect.

Benefits of Creative Thinking

The first advantage of developing creative thinking skills is that it infuses a positive approach in the mind. A person who is a creative thinker has an optimistic outlook and can face any situation in life. They consider any obstacle as opportunity and take it up as a challenge. It is easier for them to remain focused and reach goals faster. Thinking creative opens up a lot of avenues at times of crisis and hence it becomes comparatively easy to handle stress. Being a confident decision maker requires creative thinking skills. Having a creative approach can help maintain a balance between business and personal goals. It can actually be a way for finding success. For online businesses it is necessary to market themselves and keep increasing their social connections. Social media is a huge platform. Many a times businesses make an entry but eventually get lost in its huge sphere; this is where you need to hire a social media expert.

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