Create a Success Habit Set for Super Achievement

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


Inspiration is that fire in your belly, which drives you to begin taking the necessary action, to allow you to realize your dreams. Developing a success habit set to sustain your daily efforts, is what will keep you going, even when that initial fire begins to wane and burn out. Dare to examine your habits today, are the things you habitually do, leading you closer to or holding you away from your realizing your dreams? It is obviously prudent to keep your daily habits, which are serving you and helping you to invite the level of success you want into your experience. The secret to long term sustainable success though, is for you to commit to discover what new success habits you need to develop and then to go about the business of acquiring them.
Discovering your Current Habits
If you are in any way unsure of what your habits and beliefs currently are, take a look around your life right now, you are living those habits and beliefs. Accept that the environment you live in is the result of your habits and beliefs and not vice versa. Your habits are driving your daily actions or lack thereof and as you know it is your daily thoughts and actions, which result in the future you will get to live. Once you make this realization you can begin to develop new success habits to support any level of success you desire. This changes you from a mere CREATURE of your circumstances to a direct CREATOR of your circumstances.
What Habits are Limiting Your Growth and Commitment to Daily Activity?
Having a clear understanding of what has limited your growth and is holding you away from taking the daily actions you know you need to take to succeed, is the crucial first step towards building a success habit for the future. This understanding about the limits of your current success habit set, will serve as a set of guidelines, which will show you what to avoid in the future and more importantly a foundation to begin building a new success habit set to support you. The behaviours, habits and beliefs, which have held you away from your dreams until now, are merely neural pathways that can be altered, if you are committed to change them.
Action Idea: Try to identify one new success habit at a time, which will serve you going forward. Invest the time to repeat this behaviour daily, using your willpower, until it becomes an integral part of your success habit set. Research has shown that it takes about 66 days of repeating a specific behaviour, to make any new behaviour a part of your success habit set. As you create new success habits and they become part of whom and what you are, success will begin to manifest in the most unsuspecting ways, as you effortlessly take the right goal specific action daily, without even thinking about it..
No more New Years Resolutions
Forget New Year’s resolutions this year and rather make a conscious DECISION to live according to your potential in 2013. Set a minimum standard for your performance in all areas of your life and then make performing at this minimum standard your new 2013 habit. Consciously work at performing at this level until it becomes an entrenched part of your new success habit set and you will have created all the conditions necessary for living a life of meaning and fulfilment in 2013 and beyond.
Just Do It in 2013
Avoid the perpetuating your current habit of continually finding ways to “GET OFF” and develop the success habit in 2013 of “GETTING ON”. “GET ON” with creating and applying your new success habits, acquiring the knowledge and skills you need, taking consistent inspired daily action and living full out. When you look back over your life will you remember all the times you “GOT OFF” (Gave up) or the times you “GOT ON” (Tried your Best)?

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