Create a New Success Habit Set to Support Your Dreams

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


Change is always disconcerting, if not terrifying, for most people. I want to offer you a few tips in this article, which will help make positive changes in your life, which will take you from where you are to where you want to be. The positive change I encourage you to make in your life right now, is the development of a new success habit set, which will support you to achieve the level of success you desire. Developing the new habits and beliefs or your new success habit set, will equip you with a set of new daily routines, which will allow you to carry out your daily goal specific activities every day, without consciously thinking about them at all.
Even though these are positive change, which will help you to invite the success you desire into your experience. It is still change and so developing your new success habit set, will still take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to do things differently. Developing your new habit set will require you to apply your willpower daily for between 66 and ninety days. This will mean that you will need to be really committed to developing your new success habit set.
Action Idea: Explore your vision and goals, which you want to achieve. What daily habits would support you to invite that level of success into your experience? The daily routine you develop will be unique and different for everyone and depend on your unique circumstances. The new daily routine, which you will need to develop, must be designed to allow you to carry out all the goal specific activities you need to do, in order to realize your vision. Over time, as you apply your willpower to carry out the routines, they will eventually become entrenched success habits, which you carry out without very much conscious thought at all.
Imagine doing all the things you need to do to succeed every day without even thinking about it. You have a set of habits right now. How about committing to replace these over the next year with far better success habits, which will help you to achieve the success you deserve and desire. Explore the success you want to enjoy in the future. Once you know what you want, identify the habits, which will support you to achieve exactly that level of success. Now simply go about the task of building a daily routine, which will allow you to carry out all those activities.
The initial 30 days of the process are the hardest and will require the most willpower from you to ensure that you carry out these new routines. After about 60 days, these new routines will feel normal and after about 90 days has passed, not carrying out these new routines will feel strange as these new routines will be entrenched habits. You must be completely committed to the process and know exactly why you are developing your new daily routine. This is the key time to gather confidence and the energy you will need to get you through the first few weeks of transition. Stay focused on the amazing outcome, apply your willpower daily and you will eventually replace your current habit set, which is keeping you away from realizing your dreams, for a new success habit set, which will guarantee your success.
Try to remove all fear regarding the transition, from your old, limiting beliefs and constantly remind yourself that although developing your new success habit set is uncomfortable, it is necessary for you to positively change and attain your dreams.
The time you invest into developing and introducing your new success habit set into your life, will be well worth the effort in the end. It will allow you to almost subconsciously carry out all the goal specific activities you need to do every day. Success will become inevitable and as you are operating on automatic, the daily actions you will take will feel almost effortless. Is developing your own success habit set, not worth the effort, the incredible, almost effortless results you will enjoy, will make the few sacrifices necessary, well worth the effort in the end.
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