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Dr. Purushothaman
November 29, 2013


India is a country where education is considered as scared. It is in India were all religion has its own belief in education. As India is a multicultural country with a number of religion present and number of languages spoken education is given importance in every religion. In ancient India informal education was given by sadhus, saints, maulvis, popes, fathers, and the most important place from where one still gets informal education is from home but this education was mostly and purely religious. The believers of Hindu religion called it Vidya. It was named the goddess Vidya as she was a goddess of education. The believers of Muslim religion called it Islam as Islam for them was learning and understanding their religion. As India moved forward from ancient period and reached the modern period formal education started becoming more important. Formal education was started so that people learn common things about the world and stay united because the same thing could not take place in only taking informal education. Formal education was not only started so that the world stays united but also people become knowledgeable. Formal education helped India to progress as it enlightened the people and improve the standard of living. It also helped in invention of new things and made life much easier. Formal education rises not only in cities but also in villages. India has given birth to many scholars which took the country India to a different height in the world. Primary Education also had been made compulsory. Education is free of cost up to a certain grade for girls as girls help their families grow which will lead to a successful and bright future.

Many schools, colleges, universities, etc have been started so that no one is deprived of education. Formal education has become a must. But is the formal education still works the same way as it was started during the British rule. Is the education still on the same level as it was started by Mahatma Phule. Although the quality of education has increased, the system has started getting bad. Indian religion has always considered education as sacred, but does the sacredness still exist? All in India citizen has the right to education but is that norm of Indian democracy actually practised? Does India treats all students equal and gives them equal education? Is the Indian education system corrupted? Let's find the answer to these questions.


The TOI report

MBBS seats sold for between Rs 12 lakh and Rs 40 lakh by two private colleges in Chennai barely exposes the tip of the iceberg. The scam gets bigger, more brazen as medical graduates embark on specializations that are necessary for a successful career. The price this year for a post-graduate seat in radiology in most leading private colleges across the country is Rs 2 crore while in cardiology, gynaecology and orthopaedics are priced around Rs 1.5 crore

This is an example of clear corruption in Indian Education System.

Middle caste students and poor students who have brains can never get into these colleges although they have the ability to perform. Marks, grades, percentages hardly matters to these institutions. Is this the sacredness these medical colleges are showing?

Other educational institutions like schools and colleges also have started taking bribes on the name of donation which costs up to 10 to 15 lakhs. Where do the middle class people go for educating their child? The Indian democracy says Every Citizen Have a Right to Education. But this is not practised. The education system is not directly depriving the child from taking education but indirectly it is saying that marks and intelligence have no value in front of money today.


There is no need of Entrance Test in India. But this is another way of getting money. This system has also started in India to a very large extent. Making money is very famous through entrance exams. Just pay Lakhs and crores of rupees for the entrance exam in different fields like science, MBA, and many other major degrees is a must. All corrupt educational institutes have started making money through this source also. Some private educational companies in India has started a business of entrance exams. Not only these companies but also the educational institutes earns crores of hard money. Educational institutes enjoy the money which they have earned on the name of entrance exams.

This corrupted way of earning money leads some of the students who cannot pays the money no where. Talented middle class or poor people try to take loans which again creates a problem for them. Some who do not find a way out of this problem often ends their life. The suicide rates have increases every year of students who cannot get into their desired colleges.


The third major problem in Indian education system is the marks allocation system.

Who will study when students can get 60% marks through copy paste?

Some institutes have started to give 60% marks for internal assessment. Internal assessment are easy but are made more easy by these institution by just letting the students to copy paste the stuffs from various sources especially internet. Mostly internal assessment works includes projects, researches on different topics which can be easily available. This does not only make the students lazy but also kills the talent in them. The hidden talent in them is also not discovered by the students by this systems.

No need to work hard, no need to study. No need to be awake nights and days for the remaining 40% marks when you are getting 60% marks.

This system has also been introduce by these institutions as it not only lessen the work but also becomes a medium of earning. Students bribe the teachers and other authority but giving big fat donations and get the degree from these corrupted educational institutes.


India is a vast country with the second highest population in the world. As there is more population there are more students in India looking for schools, colleges, etc. Government is taking measures to built up more schools and colleges as there is limitation of seats in the existing ones.

During this process of building institutions some private institutions starts doing business without any recognition. These education institutions are totally fake with nothing in it. These education institutions are eating crores of rupees by providing zero education to students. The degree of these colleges are useless. These degrees have no value anywhere. After these education no student can stand con their feet.

There are various ways of finding these fake institutions.

People should keep their eyes and ears open to the surrounding happenings and report to police or government authority if they come across such institutions.

Government should take enough measures to find them. This business should be immediately stopped as it spoils the life of students for their own selfish motives. Just for money these institutions are built up which leads the students nowhere. The builders of such institution should be punished severely so that people do not try to cheat our present generation and future of India.


Indian education system is also in corruption because of high rate of teacher absenteeism in the country was a key factor in education system in India according to the new global study.

The UNESCO's International Institute of Educational Planning study on corruption in education released recently says that 25% teacher absenteeism in India is among the highest in the world, second only after Uganda that has a higher rate. The global average of teacher absenteeism is about 20%.

Politics in teacher appointments and transfers is a major reason for teacher absenteeism according to a professor at National University for Education Planning and Administration.

The study also says – Teacher absenteeism does not just affect quality of education it is also a huge drain on resources resulting in the wastage of 22.5% of education funds in India.

The study identifies the absence of well established criteria for teacher recruitment a uniform policy on promotion, remuneration and deployment as some of the main reasons identified for teacher absenteeism. However the report found married teachers to be more regular at job than unmarried teachers.

In Bihar two of every five teachers were reported absent the figure in UP was reported to be one-third of the total teachers. However in states like Gujarat and Kerala the figure was lower than 15% the report based on several small studies.

Teachers also believe highly in private tutoring a practice identified by UNESCO as unethical. It does not complement learning at school and leads to corruption the report said. The teachers starts taking big sum of money for their private coaching's and pays less attention to schooling. They avoid teaching in schools with good explanations and start giving more attention to students who take private tuitions.

Another major problem of Indian education was the view of students towards the activity of copying in exams. Students say that copying and cheating in exam is their traditional right. In many Indian universities, institutes and colleges cheating is now well established.

The report also said that - The fees for manipulating entrance tests ranges between $ 80 to $ 20,000 for popular programmes such as computer science, medicine and engineering.

Teachers misguidance and such behaviours leads to the sorry state of Indian education.


Corruption is not limit till here. Corruption has also taken worst face at some places.

Some of the Educational Institutes have allowed students to give the certificates to other on the rent like any other products. You can easily obtain a certificate after paying Rs.25000 fees and giving exams.

After this you can also give it to others on the rent of Rs. 3000 per month, just like giving any other property on the rent.

The Indian education system is in Distress.

THESE are only 6 of the main corruption in the system now. There are also many others small corruption taking place within the education system of India. These corruption are not only polluting the Indian education system but also killing our generation and the future of India.

After going through this piece of information one questions bangs in to our minds. – WHERE IS THE INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM GOING?

The following article gives us a quick view of the current corruption.

"You are not to accept a bribe, for the bribe blinds clear-sighted men and can distort the words of righteous men," states the Law of Moses, written some 3,500 years ago. The news indicates how far the insidious enemy of corruption has spread in the field of education. Will such bold revelation of corruption awaken the blunt consciousness of those corrupt? One should remember, corruption hastened the mighty Roman empire's downfall.

Corruption is seen everywhere. Now only it is becoming an issue for talk. This issue has emerged as a great one threatening all who involved in it. Mr. M. Ananthakrishnan has come forward now to show the real show happening in the name of education. But it seems no clear action taken further for this issue.

These were the comments on the above article by a reader and they are quite appropriate to certain extent.

We always blame the system for corruption and its evil actions but we forget some or the other way we are the part of this system. Present generation is also giving encouragement to the corruption by adopting the corrupted means of studying. If students are alert and stop giving donations and fees there will be hardly any corruption left in the education system. Saying NO is the best way to stop it. All students should be united and raise their voices against corruption. No students should get involved in the corrupted practises as this gives support to the existing corruption. One must be alert and aware of their rights as students and perform their duties well. This is the only way through corruption can be enrooted from the system and we can have a clean system like the one we had earlier.

Government also should take measures to find corrupted actions in the education institutions and throw them out of the country.

Government should also take measures to investigate and perform sting operations to catch people red handed as this will create fear and reduce corruption.

Lastly the people who practise corrupted practise should be made aware that they are spoiling the future of India which will lead them nowhere but behind the bars. These people should be severely punished by law.

The forum 15 – Ethics and Corruption in Education

Published by UNESCO also has a number of things in it related to corruption in education system. It explains us how corruptions have been practised, its causes, etc.

A social issue of India – Indian Education System Corrupted. Find its causes. Instead of blaming people around each one should do their best to stop it and not support it. India cannot progress if its people are not educated. Value the education we are getting and do not dirty it. Make use of it.

Just don't blame N check your child's activity but also observe what the thoughts of teachers R N On that basis can be called a teacher. don't take school admission N studies only as matters of a little bribe, at once observe that our one generation is being trained by a bribers N thus literally illiterate so what literacy they can give? Ask this Q while deciding teacher for your child (from whom we expect very much) Then make someone his/her 's GURU. So make some sincere one their teacher, N they can be still found. so

education- a sensitive matter that needs to be cared otherwise we all will lose our one generation.

(one of the comment on the corruption in education system in India)

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