Corporate wellness program meant to enhance the productivity

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Corporate wellness program- meant to enhance the productivity
Corporate wellness program is not a management fad. More and more professional organizations and corporate houses are investing in the well being of their employees and hence corporate wellness program is getting is due share in recent times.
As the pressure to perform is getting more and more and competition is getting hotter and hotter, health and well being of employees is the first casualty. It makes sense to devote time and efforts in implementing corporate wellness program in your business if you want to keep employees happy and their families satisfied. These programs are a multi million dollar industry today and the benefits of wellness programs are there for all to see.
Investment in physical assets and technology is just a part of the resources that you maybe using for running your business. The greatest asset that you should be proud of is your employees and their sound health and well being should assume overriding importance for long term and sustainable benefits. Thus corporate wellness program is designed to help your employees take charge of their health and at the same time lead to increased productivity and efficiency.
Corporate wellness program is a win-win proposition for both employers and employees. Employers are benefited from increased productivity, lesser absenteeism and injuries and sickness, better and more conducive working atmosphere at work place and higher motivation levels.
Employees are also benefited due to better health and less stress, good lifestyle and good inter personal relationships. The resultant benefits are a great incentive to invest in corporate wellness program. Remember to treat these programs as investment rather than cost as the benefits accrue over a period of time.
There are a number of components of an effective corporate wellness program which should take a holistic view of the whole issue of employee health and welfare. Any good program should study the organization culture and try to understand the pressure points and areas to concentrate on.
Stress busting, healthy and nutritious food habits, improved life style and fitness and exercise regime, workplace atmosphere, disease control, weight management, onsite health care and exercise are a few of the components of a highly useful corporate wellness program. When you invest in such a program, the employee also gets the idea that you care for him and hence it also leads to a marked reduction in the employee turnover. Remember satisfied employees are a key to long term success of an organization.
Corporate wellness program is what you should be looking at if you are serious about ensuring the long term health benefits of your employees. If you are still thinking about the efficacy of such a program, it makes sense to get in touch with a number of organizations which have benefited from the corporate wellness program over last few years.
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