Coping With Depression - Depression Help

Dr. Purushothaman
October 13, 2013

Depression is one of the darkest illness that can ever befall a person. It's an illness that can only be fully explained and understood by someone going through it. I visit some of the blogs kept by people who are suffering from episodes of depression just in other to understand the illness more and encourage them, and the way they describe the feeling is pitiable.

But luckily those who put the time and consistent effort to fight depression eventually overcome it, and you can too.

Coping with depression is one of the most difficult challenges there is, but it's still within your control. You definitely can overcome depression as many have done, and are now in charge of their lives again. You just need to understand the cause of the illness for you and start the process of fighting it.

How to Overcome Depression

Do some research and educate yourself about the disease, learn about the disease, it possible causes, risk factors, symptoms and the available treatments for it. Also learn necessary skills for coping with depression.

Speak with a qualified doctor and decide on the best treatment for your type of depression and be patient with the treatment process. Give your treatment time to work. After a while if there is no positive changes in your condition, discuss with your doctor to try another treatment.

You see, there is no one for all treatment for depression, in most cases sufferer's have to go through several treatment options before they find the one suitable for them. Meaning you'll have to endure to find what will work for you.

Depression Coping Skills

The skills below is to compliment your treatment and help improve your mood regularly.

Do some form of exercise regularly: Professionals have agreed that exercise can be as helpful as antidepressant drug, it's gives you back some of your energy and lift your mood. Don't go to the extreme with this, especially when just starting out, regular short walks around your neighborhood or to a friend's place could just be all you need everyday to restore your energy and keep your mood right.

Don't keep feelings bottled up: Refraining from expressing how you feel and what you think will keep you in a dark mood and depressed, so try sharing your feelings with a friend or family member, a counselor, writing it out on a dairy, a blog or express them through drawing.

Try Mediation: Meditation is another known way to handle the dark mood depression causes. Among other things it helps you relax. There are different techniques you can try, mindful meditation, visualization, Self-Inquiry and e.t.c.

Get extra help: Don't do it alone, let your friends and loved ones help you through the crisis. Self help books can also be helpful, the authors are usually professionals in the field or those you've been where you are right now, and so suggestions from them can be helpful. Find a reputable internet forum for depression to join and also register for a local depression group, with this kind of support, you'll have the strength required to fight depression.


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