Cool Ways to a Good Life

Dr. Purushothaman
August 31, 2013

In the world we live in today following a balanced diet is not easy; that is because of our fast food way of living.

We do not pay very much attention on what we eat and drink, we just want to fill our senses. Our weight goes up and down like an elevator and more than often goes only up.

Deep inside we know that this is not the right way but we do not want to spend any of our time to fix it; we think that the right thing which is a balanced diet is very hard to find.

Part of it it is true; people are bombarded everyday from new diet ads that promise you the stars and at the end they are left only with the promises and the weight still the same!

A balanced diet means that we do the right choices when we eat,it is just as simple as that and if you are still not convinced let me tell you two smart choices that will have a big impact on you immediately!

Our first choice is about the most important ingredient in our planet: the water. Our body is made of 70% of water, from only that you can understand how important is to drink enough water. 2Littres minimum a day will do it and you will have many benefits to enjoy; your skin will look fresher and younger, your mind will be more focused, you will feel less hungry and less tired, your body will purify and of course you will shed some pounds.

Another great choice that we often underestimate is having breakfast: a good breakfast in the morning with fruits, cereals and nuts is the best way to start your day; it will activate you metabolism and you wont have snack cravings, in the afternoon you wont be feeling hungry like a wolf. It will also help you to get along more efficiently with any kind of activity you will be up to.

These two choices are just an example to help you understand that your health is in your hands and it is never to late to improve your life style.

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