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Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


It makes perfect sense that a company would want its employees to be as healthy as possible. Healthy employees work better and have fewer sick days. This means higher production standards for the company. But beyond that, many companies want to create a positive work environment where employees are happy and motivated. Companies see the benefit in having workers who truly enjoy coming to work and see themselves as part of a company that cares.
Many companies are actively creating and managing company wellness programs to achieve their goals of employee well-being. A company wellness program can take many forms. At the heart of any program is the effort to encourage employees to have healthier lifestyles. The most basic company wellness program may be as simple as a company newsletter to promote wellness activities. A more active program may include on-site gym facilities and dedicated time for each employee to use the equipment.
Most companies will admit that their employees are their most valuable assets. The employees are the skilled labor force that makes the company what it is. The cost of lost production due to sick days is a real concern for company leaders. So too is the concern for workers who come to work even when they are sick because either they don't have remaining sick days or don't feel the company would understand or approve of the off time.
With a company wellness program, the company leaders may decide to do several things to improve the overall work environment. The company may decide to install a walking path around the building. They may convert an unused space into an on-site gym with equipment and even classes taught by professionals. They may replace snack machine selections with healthier choices or introduce better options in the company cafe.
Employees who participate in the company wellness program can see many benefits. Employees easily spend more time awake at the workplace than they do anywhere else. It makes sense that this would be the place to institute healthy changes in lifestyle. Employees recognize that their company is making an investment in their health and well-being. This creates a sense of loyalty and job satisfaction that is hard to find in today's society.
The tangible results from a company wellness program for the employees include weight reduction, increased stamina and overall improved physical fitness. This can be a great benefit to employees who do lifting, standing and walking as part of their job performance. Other results include reduced stress and an improved sense of well-being. This is important for every employee at every level.
Companies also benefit from a company wellness program. The program results in increased productivity. This is something that might surprise skeptics. At first they will see the program as taking employees away from their assigned tasks for time taking a walk or time at the gym. But in reality the employees are more productive because of the wellness program and are more productive during the time that they are at their work station.
In addition to increased productivity, companies will see that they can attract better, more talented employees because the company wellness program will be seen as a valuable perk. The program helps to improve morale and pride in the company. This goes a long way in reducing turnover. Turnover is one of the costliest parts of any company. The time and expense of recruiting, hiring and training a replacement is very expensive.
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