Common Relationship Problems That Couples Usually Encounter

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


The ups and downs in a relationship is common especially to new couples, but this is not a reason that the

y will end it because of no reconciliation chances. There are still very good chances that they can still make it and the following paragraphs will be good reasons why couples have these chances.
The Importance of Trust and Communications in a relationship
Relationship problems often encountered by many new couples are trust and lack of communications. These two often come hand in hand and if there is the usual two way communications, trust will follow. The trust should be both ways, and when one shows full trust, there is no reason that the other partner will not reciprocate. Communications will play an important part here, and it is likewise important to note that communications will not only be telling but also listening.
Behavior and attitude of any one in the party will also have an impact on the relationship of a couple. If there are problems like drugs, gambling or alcohol that will enter into the relationship, it may result to a more complicated situation. These are also potential relationship problems that couples should avoid. If any one of the couple has these problems, it is important that the experts help will be requested. These concerns should be faced quickly before these will get more complicated. Addressing the problem before it can turn to worse is the better solution to do, just like treating diseases during the early stages in order to expect complete healing.
A problem in a relationship that is not quickly addressed to might lead to a break up and this can be devastating, especially if there are already children involved. But is there a chance that the flame in a relationship will be kindled if there is already a strain inflicted? There is, and only the two can say it, and this may also include counseling and a lot of communications. It is also important that the foundation of trust is rebuilt.
Probably it is important that the couple will look back and try to retrace their first steps and find out why they bonded together, in the first place. They must have come together for a reason, and if they will just open themselves up, their relationship problems may just be eliminated in no time at all.
There is no perfect relationship, and a couple will have chances to encounter problems at any time during this relationship. However, it will not be the end of everything, and if the couple will just talk in order to sort out things, the flame in their relationship may just be rekindled.
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