Commencement of Brahmavarchas (Divine Aura) Spiritual Practices

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Gayatri Meditation encompasses 3 legs: 1) Nityakarma i.e. Sandhya Vandan 2) Anushthan Purascharan with Sankalpa 3) Yog Sadhana of high stature. Nityakarma is a daily worship rite which is compulsory. Daily our psyche is clouded by taints, sins etc. In order to overcome these taints, one must carry out ones Nityakarma in the form of Sandhya Vandan. Thus one obstructs ones downfall.
With the help of Anushthan Purascharan, our latent consciousness radiates brightly and such a spiritual seeker becomes a deep thinker, radiant and enlightened. When daring and enterprise augment, one attains great success, both materially and spiritually. With the help of this power of resolve or Sankalp Shakti, one attains success while carrying out Purascharan for special goals. All this requires vows, discipline and self-control.
Nityakarma can be called primary education and Purascharan as higher secondary education. The latter encompasses Junior, High School, Matric and Secondary Education. After this one commences college/university education. This is akin to high levelled spiritual endeavour (Sadhana). Yoga and austerities are carried out by such spiritual seekers. In Yoga practices a living beings soul merges into the cosmic soul or God. This is further aided by self-study, deep spiritual thinking and meditation. On this basis one gets established in deep thought, refined sentiments and firm faith in God.
Gayatri Meditation is beyond compare, if we study other methods that lead to soul progress. In fact Indian seers and Rishis have given it a lot of importance and have ordered us to follow in their footsteps. Indian religion has 2 symbols. One is Shikah (Pigtail) and the other Yajnopaveet (sacred thread). Both are compulsory as far as Gayatri Meditation is concerned. On the highest peak of the brain is established the Shikha (pigtail) representing the flag of wisdom. This flag is a symbol of discrimination in the form of Gayatri. Yajonopaveet represents Yajna or the action aspects of Gayatri. Their 3 strands are the 3 legs of Gayatri and the 9 strings of Yajnopaveet are the 9 words of Gayatri MahaMantra. In the field of worship, Sandhya Vandan is a Nityakarma (daily chore). Without Gayatri it cannot be executed. The 4 Vedas are the foundation stages of Indian religion and culture and their Mother is Vedmata Gayatri. The Vedas have been described in other scriptures like Puranas. Thus the entire body of Rishi-Literature is immersed in Gayatri. Gayatri and Indian religious culture can be correlated to a seed and a tree.
Thus it is of great utility not only for followers of Indian culture but for world humanity too. In the 24 letters of the Gayatri Mantra lies the entire philosophy of India, albeit in seed form. Amongst the varied spiritual methods of this great Mantra, austerities are its best foundation stones. It is of great value for children, adults, aged people etc. Such methods have been described that are either very easy or difficult to follow. Yet anyone can follow either of these as per ones inner state.
High levelled Gayatri Meditation has 2 aspects. One is Gayatri and the other is Savitri or Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power). Gayatri images have 5 faces. These correspond to the 5 layers that cover human consciousness. When these layers are uncovered, ones soul shines brightly. They are also called 5 sheaths or the 5 vaults of treasure. Our inner consciousness abounds in various divine powers but in a latent state. When they are activated, the 5 deities of the inner world too manifest. Because of their special characteristics, human existence shines brightly as divinity manifest. Prana, Apan, Saman, Udan and Vyan (5 types of Vital Forces), persevere to create zeal in our consciousness. They are called the 5 sheaths. Our body and 5 elements exist due to the presence of demi-gods. The 5 elements viz. fire, water, air, space and earth are the 5 elements of the demi-gods. They are seen in the human body and they control the visible and invisible objects/forces of the cosmos. A powerful consciousness controls it. This science is called spiritual practices or Prayantra Science. Via spiritual practices pertaining to the 5 sheaths, one purifies the 5 fold aspects of matter and consciousness. This is Savitri based spiritual endeavour. Its deity is Savita. Savitri and Savita are an inseparable duo. In this particular spiritual practice, one looks upon the Sun as a symbol of the radiant Almighty Lord and thus a spiritual seeker tries to attract the Lords divine brilliance towards his soul. Because of such austerities one attains the Lords divine brilliance which is the Supreme Power of this cosmos.
The second leg of high levelled Gayatri Meditation is Kundalini. It is said to be the silken thread that conjoins matter with consciousness. It manifests as Vital Force flow and controls both individual (micro) and cosmic (macro) movements. Despite man and woman being capable in their own way, they remain unfulfilled. An unknown magnetic force brings them closer and creates a firm bond. Due to its pressure, couples unite sexually and gives birth to children. For e.g. this magnetic stream of energy that attracts a male to a female is called a spark of Kundalini or Divine Serpent Power. This cosmic Kundalini binds Prakriti (matter) and Purusha (consciousness) very closely and thus this cosmos is created. Kundalini Super Power binds an individuals body with its soul very strongly and creates desires, hopes etc. in mans psyche. All movements of a living being manifest as desires, deep thinking and action. All these are a creation of Kundalini. Else how can the 5 inert elements move or how can the detached soul harbour desires? These magical acts seen in all the movements of the visible world are called Maya in Indian Spiritual parlance. In the arena of spiritual practices, it is called Kundalini Shakti or Divine Serpent Power. It is called the mouth source of world movements and human activities. When this master key is used, all locked doors of progress are thrown wide open. A spiritual seeker who masters this unruly Kundalini, attains the capacity of controlling his soul and cosmic movements. Within the realm of high leveled Gayatri methods, one uses the 5 sheathed meditation process for activating Ritambhara Prajna (divine intellect). In order to radiate the visible cosmos, Kundalini worship methods are imbibed. Brahmavarchas spiritual practices utilize both these methods. Before a spiritual seeker enters the realm of these spiritual practices, he/she should deeply understand its nature and philosophy.
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