Combat Stress With Spirituality

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Do you know, spirituality is a less tangible yet effective tool for stress relief? No one can deny the fact that high level of stress can affect one's body in many ways. Many things help to reduce stress.. Puja or meditation is the great way to get relaxed.
Spiritual involvement helps to combat effects of stress, depression and lessen other mental illnesses. Spirituality and meditation have powerful effect on physical and mental health. It offers profound effect on mental, physical, social and emotional dimensions of health.
Spirituality is the development of your personal value system and your search for meaning in life. It takes not only the form of religious observance, prayer, meditation but also found in nature, music etc. With prayer and meditation, you can easily shun getting frustration with little things in day-to-day life. Thus, you can focus on bigger things. It bestows comfort and strength all through stressful situations, which is necessary to cope with such circumstances efficiently.
Spirituality facilitates to find meaning, hope and inner peace in life. Regular meditation can bring a great difference in one's life and enables rational interpretations of life's problems. It lowers anxiety level and enhances resiliency under stress. A religious person can have a secure sense of identity.
Spirituality is the ultimate solution to peace and delight. Many people have the misconception that in order to taste the nectar of spirituality, one has to refrain from mundane life. However, the fact is, even facing the daily turbulent life, one can enjoy the pleasure of spirituality.
The universal spiritual strategy people use is prayer. Praying makes one calm and less stress. It gives relaxation to your body, peace to mind and enhances overall well being. When doing meditation, our mind focuses on almighty that brings in positive energy to our life.
Physical worship of god needs puja components to please the God. The main purpose of doing a puja is to develop religious thoughts. Every puja and ritual requires the right puja products. Although, puja can be performed without puja items, puja samagris come handy to bring about spiritual feel effectively. Thats why Puja Items are considered as one of the indispensable elements of puja.
Fragrant ambiance is essential to acquire absolute spiritual mood. Incense twigs, doop sticks aids to throw on spiritual air effortlessly. Toran, mangal kalash and colorful bouquets enhance the appearance of the events. Deity sculptures are the prime thing in any puja. There is an array of idols such as handmade wood idols, gold-coated idols, and sandalwood idols to choose from. Puja Thali,steel diya are other important puja items.
Internet is a wondrous place and with the advent of internet, buying puja items has become hassle free. It is affordable and saves a lot of time. Online puja stores come in handy to buy puja items easily and quickly. You can buy all puja items from the comfort of your home with a few mouse clicks. Besides, many websites conduct online pujas. These online puja websites offer expert helps as well.
Turing towards the light of spirituality can help to put an end to all the sufferings, problems and chaos.
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