Check your attitude at the door!

Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

What makes an excellent conversationalist? What is the most significant quality of a great communicator? Do you make an effort to connect? How do your employer and your co-workers perceive you? Does your company recognize your value? Let's look at a major area that will help all of us reach our full potential: Our Attitude.

The best way to achieve good communication skills is to maintain a good attitude. In daily life, I believe that 95% is attitude and 5% is what really happens to you. Therefore, it is how you deal with what happens to you that counts. Let me quote what Chuck Swindoll says about having a daily attitude plan of action:

1. Always making today my best day.
2. Taking pride in a job well done.
3. Treating others with respect.
4. Isolating my negative thoughts.
5. Treating tasks as opportunities.
6. Utilizing my talents every day.
7. Doing the job right the first time.
8. Expecting positive outcomes daily.
9. Speaking well of others everyday.

We need to post this list in a prominent spot where we can see it, and watch what happens as we deal with different situations that arise each day. To be honest, it is not always easy to practice these principles every day, but it is important that we try.

Do you remember as a child, building a block bridge, so your little truck could go over the bridge, and feeling so satisfied with what you have done? Building relationships with a good attitude is a lot like building a bridge, one block at a time.

As an example, let's pretend to look at an employee who works for ABC Company. Let's say that this person, a John Smith, has established himself with most of his customers. He has built some strong personal and business relationships through having a great attitude. John shows his customers his ongoing reliability, interest in their wants, and friendly customer service, by his unwavering attitude.

Daily, we are all in the process of building relationships and friendships with our attitudes, for ourselves and for our companies. The first key to doing this is integrity, and then longevity. Having integrity in our attitude is the method by which we build positive interactions with people inside and outside of our companies. Advertising and marketing are big helps in promoting your company, but attitude and good communication skills are the connection to a strong personal and/or business relationship. People are buying into trust in a friendship and relationship. That's why integrity is so important. Longevity is the process of time. Longevity may be required, along with a great attitude of integrity. Through your attitude you can help establish your personal or business relationships and build longevity.

We can conclude that a good ATTITUDE helps to build strong personal and business relationships. At the same tine, it gives us a better quality of life, if we just communicate with each other.

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