Cheaters - How Can I Save Our Relationship

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


If you've ever been in a relationship where you or your partner cheated, you may wonder how you can ever move on. The question is for cheaters how can I save our relationship? There are many things you can do to move your relationship forward after one person has been unfaithful, but you have to keep in mind that sometimes a relationship simply cannot be saved.
If both parties want to try to save the relationship and move on after an affair it will take a lot of time and maturity. It's really tough to trust again after someone has taken your trust and thrown it away. Some people will not be able to get over it and it will not only end their existing relationship but that lack of trust can follow them to relationship after relationship for the rest of their lives.
Because the hurt you can cause another person could literally scar them for life it's really important that you really think it through before you decide to cheat. After all, is a little fun on the side, or a quick ego boost really worth the pain you'll be causing another human being? If you are so insecure that you think it's worth it just so you can feel better about yourself and more desirable you should probably not be in any relationship and spend some time in a therapists office.
One of the biggest things you will need to do to move your relationship forward after an affair is to have both parties be brutally honest about the initial breakdown of the relationship and their part in it. Blame for ruining a relationship is always shared by both parties, not always equally, but there are reasons the relationship fell apart to the point that someone thought they needed to have their needs satisfied by someone else.
Once you can honestly admit what went wrong you can solve the problem if you and your partner can communicate effectively. This means you have to avoid name calling, finger pointing, and accusations. If you can communicate in an adult fashion about the problems in your relationship and what you can do to fix them you might be able to salvage your relationship.
The bottom line is that not all relationships should be saved. If you are involved with someone who has a long history of cheating you should just move on. They are obviously too concerned with their own selfish wants and needs, and they will never change. If, on the other hand, someone just gave into a moment of weakness you might be able to work together to save your relationship. So ask yourself: cheaters, how can I save our relationship?
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