Chaldean Numerology Is Far Advanced Than Astrology

Dr. Purushothaman
September 13, 2013

Metaphysics is an interesting subject of science. It deals with the relationship between the living beings and the physical world. Though the concept is still unknown to all in detail, but the search for this biggest quest in the history of universe still continues. This is probably one of the biggest mysteries that man is trying to solve. From the ancient age, many philosophers like Plato, Confucius and others have dealt with Metaphysics to a great extent. They have shown to the world that there is a lot to know about different forces. All the physical elements in the world have an effect on the living beings. The journey of life includes different experiences. These are mixed up of the good and bad, both features. These experiences can be changed according to your believe and a little pinch of effort. Numerology is one such subject that makes this Numerology has come a long was till date. There are eminent figures, which have helped to develop the very concept of Numerology. Among them the most famous is the Chaldean. The Chaldean Numerology is the best process to know about a person’s features accurately.

For ages there has been several controversies regarding the concepts of numerology. People often get confused between the Numerology and astrology. Some people think that Numerology is a part of Astrology, but that is not true. There is a lack of consciousness on Numerology among the people till today.

To eradicate this gap and to make the mass clear about what Numerology can give them, there are today help of the internet taken. Being in the world, where technology is upgrading everyday with new systems, internet has become the most vital medium of communication among all. It is the fastest medium that man has ever made. Information can be best given through internet.

The people of the most advanced generation love to search any information through the internet. For this reason today different numerologists have opened up websites to make the people aware of the value of the numerology. People can know themselves in a better way through knowing all the characteristic features of themselves, among which some may be unknown from them.

Thousands of years back, the numerology was invented by some scholars like Plato, Confucius, Pythagoras, Chaldean and others. Though all were not successful in opening the riddles that bounded the Numerological concepts, there were searches always done for the true answers by the numerologists. It was proven through the efforts of these eminent philosophers and the scholars that Numerology has today helped to change the lives of the millions.

Among the concept of other scholars, the Chaldean numerology is known to be the best one as this is found to be most accurate. The concept of Chaldean Numerology is little concept and so not easy to understand by that of anyone. For this reason, it is less popular till today, but experts have always believed it to be the truest one to predict the real features regarding a person.

Numerology reveals the inner world of a person and tells about future consequences in life. It is one of the best and the most perfect way to know oneself. Astrology can also determine your future, but they are not so much accurate to that of the Chaldean Numerology. In astrology, the results are not based on the practical facts, but in numerology the results are based on facts. So it is clear that the Chaldean Numerology is not based on any superstitious believe.

According to Chaldean Numerology, every letter says something. There are characteristic features hidden in the numbers. These features are associated with all people in the world. The only two factors, the names and the date of birth of a person are all needed to explain a person. There are many websites that are offering today Free Numerology report of any person, who logs into a website and puts in one’s name and date of birth. It will take few minutes to provide the person with the report. The increase in the popularity of internet, the best medium of communication is what taken to be the tool for spreading the knowledge of Numerology among all people in the twentieth century.

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