Can Infidelity Forgiven Restore Relationships?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 16, 2013

When it comes to infidelity forgiven and restoring marriages there is a difference. Most couples usually forgive no matter what the other person has done. However, when it comes to marriage both parties need to take responsibility to work on their marriage and reconciliation is not always possible. For instance when one of the partners is having an affair and then leaves the marital home, and the other partner does not want the marriage to end, they sometimes don't have a choice in the matter.

When it comes to an infidelity forgiven there are two situations whereby the first being where one of the partners that had an affair asks for forgiveness which in turn makes forgiveness far easier. The second being when a partner has an affair and is not at all remorseful which makes forgiving extremely difficult although this is necessary as this will depend on your future. One also needs to bear in mind that forgiving is a necessary process and has nothing to do with forgetting.

Feelings follow thoughts and when one forgives and you do recall the past affair the memory should no longer be a painful and hurtful experience. We all have the capability to control our thoughts and emotions. When forgiving a person or spouse your emotions almost always are in conflict with the choice and when it comes to infidelity the past is the past and cannot be undone. The essence of the relationship or marriage will always have the scar and may take a lifetime to heal.

Infidelity forgiven means letting go of resentment, anger, bitterness and one should not keep punishing their spouse even though they feel it is their right to do so. Forgiveness does not mean that the person responsible for cheating can still continue doing what they did and also means that they cannot mistreat their partner either.

It is important that one works on forgiving consciously on a day to day basis which helps relieve the pain and hurt. One should not dwell on negative thoughts but focus on a way forward as this is well worth the effort if you want to retrieve your marriage.

If you are feeling that forgiving infidelity is impossible and you are unable to find yourself forgiving your spouse. Forgiving is something many people in general find hard to understand and many believe that this is not possible, but everything in life is possible you only have to really want it. Spouses that have experienced a cheating partner find it very difficult to forgive and yes infidelity is not an easy situation to deal with. However, it is vital and recommended and one should seek counselling in such instances.

Once you have experienced infidelity one should take time out in order to reconcile with the situation before rushing into a situation that is if your marriage is important enough to do so. Infidelity forgiven
is not an easy choice to make but is necessary if you need to move forward and it is possible to forgive your partner.

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