Business Ethics - Does It Have A Role In Society?

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Dr. Purushothaman
December 12, 2013

Almost every day, we are faced by situations in which we have to make a decision and choose between something ethical and another that is less than ethical, with the latter, almost always, appearing as the more rewarding. Being hung up on profit and the urge to succeed, most people sadly choose the latter in order to realize their immediate goals.

There are some companies that we compete against on a daily basis. They are professional with excellent levels of service, ethics and even seem to have integrity. Unfortunately there are some that are not. I am sure this is the same throughout most industries. Regardless, it can get crazy if it gets out of hand.

Companies with good ethics always succeed in providing customers with the services they need and the healthy support and satisfaction they require, being loyal to a company and its services. It is quite common that people only stick to a particular company because of their business ethics and how they deal with their customers. Here are four steps to a more ethical company:

- First, use your organization's "positive deviants" to establish a clear, specific standard of ethical values, attitudes and behaviors.
- Second, guide all personnel to firmly embrace the goal of ethically achieving the positive deviant's social good.
- Ensure that the commitment to ethics is sustainable, even in the face of contrary pressures. True ethical behavior is profound and long term.
- Finally, engage a critical mass of the organization quickly to ensure that ethics pervades all aspects of the organization and becomes a true reflection of the organization as a whole.

In summary, there are many factors in creating a successful business: turning a profit each quarter, attracting new customers and other similar situations. However, none of this is possible if the customers are all treated without respect and courtesy. And the same goes for employees. If certain codes are not followed, then that opens up the workplace to uncomfortable, unrewarding experiences so business ethics does have a role in society.

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