Building Self-confidence

Dr. Purushothaman
June 6, 2014

Self-confidence is a factor which helps us to do all kinds of work without any fear.Self-confidence manages our fears and helps us to move on smoothly in life. Perception about oneself directly influences how others perceive you.
If you want success standing on your door steps, then “Be Confident” in yourself. If you do not believe in your talents, then how will others believe in you and your talent or your work?
Self-confidence is something which is inside a person or you may call it inborn. The level of inborn self-confidence in each person differs. As humans are extra-ordinary beings, who improvise on their minor talents to be a master, it is not impossible to develop self-confidence. In short, we can develop our confidence level by following certain minute steps in life. Being confident…First step to self-confidence is to dress up properly. Dressing up in a refined manner creates impression on other people very quickly. It is not true that clothes do not affect the thoughts and feelings of a person about himself. When you feel you do not look good, it naturally affects you ‘self’. You may not interact with another person with confidence. By dressing up properly, you can stir up your confidence level. A regular bath, wearing clean clothes, being aware of the latest fashion trends, all these can increase your confidence.

Take fast steps. If you notice carefully, you will find that people, who are more confident, walk quickly. Confident people have a lot of plans in their minds; they have more people to meet and more things to do. You can improve your confidence, by taking fast steps. Walking with quick steps help you to make you feel more important.

Develop a better posture. We always look upon people with lethargic movements and slumped shoulders as those with lack of self-confidence. We can find from their activities that they are less enthusiastic and slow in their work. They are not able to complete any work in time due to their slow and unenergetic attitude towards any activity they do. So the moral is that practice developing a good posture. By developing a good posture, you automatically develop self-confidence. Keep your head high, stand straight- that makes difference. Be sure you make eye-contact while interacting with anyone. This will make a positive impression on the other person about you.

Wherever you are, choose to be in the front row. This is a very simple technique to boost up your confidence. Most people try to sit at the back row, while attending a class or a meeting. This shows their insecurity and lack of self-confidence. Sitting in the front row can help you to eradicate your fear factors and improve your confidence.

Listing out your talents. Being self-confident means to bring out your best. In bringing out your best, you are to know more about your highlights. Being aware of your plus points will develop your confidence to a large extent. Create a small list of your major talents as well as minor ones. Concentrate on them and not on your faults or negative factors. Try to improve your talents. Be sure you memorize your talents every now and then.

Your passion counts. It is not possible for us to follow our passion every time. But we can at least give some of our time and energy in following our passion. Writing may be passion for some. But sometimes it is not possible for us to leave our current job and follow our passion for writing. In such cases, you can do part time writing job, holding on our job too. And when you gain full confidence in your talent, you can shift to your dream job. When we follow our passion and dreams, we tend to gain a whole lot of confidence in ourselves.

Self Motivation is another way to create self-confidence. In order to motivate yourself into being self- confident, it is advisable to listen to motivational speech by good orators. You can even talk to anyone close to you who will help you in conveying you positive thoughts and ideas. If one is too depressed or down, and if he is activated in spirits, hearing a near and dear one speak about positivity, then it will be very encouraging. But unfortunately, people never give out positive ideas to others, because they think it is not of their business. Hence, it is advisable either to hear podcasts on positive motivational speech which you can collect from the internet and add it to your playlist in your I-pod. Listen to it whenever you feel you need an awesome motivation.       It is also advisable to prepare your own motivational speech, highlighting on your strengths and goals in life. Repeating this speech every not and then either loudly or in your mind will help you in boosting your confidence.

Think about past in a positive way. Whenever we think negative about us, change the thinking process in such a manner that you just peek into the good points of your past. Even the negative experiences can be turned around into positivity by reminding you that if something has happened badly for me in the past, then it is for my own good. Take it as a lesson we get from life. Just believe that today is always better than yesterday and tomorrow will be brighter and beautiful than today.

Fear not when you speak. Fear is the one and only factor which pulls us from speaking up even when it is necessary for us to speak. Convey your ideas correctly even if you are in a group. Never fear that you may go wrong, or what others will think about you if you went wrong. It is seen that when one speaks in a group, he is forgiven his faults by the majority of the people in that group, for speaking out in a group is a major fear factor among most of the people. You are speaking up that is the matter that counts.

Keep yourself fit. Physical appearance and fitness are also prime factors which help you in being confident. If you are out of shape, then you will feel insecure and unattractive, leading to lack of enthusiasm and energy in whatever you do. Physical fitness helps us in making our day very meaningful and energetic. The perfect body makes a perfect mind.

Be a positive donor. Complimenting others and giving positive ideas to others can, to an extent bring confidence in you.

Gracefully accept compliments. When you are given a compliment, never let yourself seem to be dominating or never let pride come upon you. Stay calm and thank for the compliment given.

Give and give. More often, we find that we are becoming more and more self-centered. We never tend to lend a helping hand to others. Unless and until we change this attitude, we cannot move forward in life. Helping others and contributing to the rest of the world will only help us in being more successful and bring in recognition.

Stand for yourself. It is quite human that people find faults against you unnecessarily. In such a situation, never lose hope or leave what you are doing. Take criticisms in a positive manner and stand up and speak. It doesn’t mean you have to argue. Talk openly about your views.

Execute your plans. Most of us are very keen in making plans…hundreds and thousands of them. How many have we implemented in our lives? Well it is of course difficult to execute our plans. When you make a plan, be bold enough to.

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