Buddhist Guided Meditation

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


Buddhist Guided Meditation is perhaps the purest and time-honored form of classic meditative practice. You may be wondering, though, as to why you should make Buddhist meditation a part of your life.
Buddhist meditation is essentially an everyday practice that serves to purify both the mind and the soul. Clearing your being of turmoil and torment, this age-old custom-much like the religion that inspired it--can both calm and enlighten you. By meditating in the Buddhist fashion, you can reach a state of happiness and purity, both spiritually and physiologically.
The goal of restoring inner peace is always important to the Buddhist meditator, who likely will entail many purposes and positions to discover their ideal meditation style. Each meditator must decide for him/herself when, where and how, and most importantly the why.
Moreover, each meditator must determine his/her individual goals. Every individual meditates for slightly different reasons; the decision to meditate is in itself a highly personal choice, one that can change your life.
Yet regardless of what those goals happen to be, the benefits of Buddhist meditation are many and common among those who practice it.
Those who practice Buddhist meditation are, for the most part, more relaxed and serene. They are happier, healthier people with a greater degree of focus and concentration, and are even known to be more honest and just.
People who wish to improve all of these aspects of your life, and others, should explore the possibility of making Buddhist meditation an integral part of their daily schedules. Soon meditation may come as naturally to them as eating or sleeping, and actually has many of the same benefits.
Of course, to reap all of these wonderful benefits, you must pay special heed to the "guided" part of Buddhist Guided Meditation. You can't dive headfirst into the meditative practice, taking a casual attitude toward what is essentially a time-honored practice. Meditation is not a quick fix, and it is not to be taken lightly.
Just as you would study for a big test, so you must prepare yourself for the process and practice of Buddhist meditation. You must read about Buddhist theory, taking in its subtleties and its rich, beautiful intricacies. You must examine the positions and techniques that define the art of Buddhist meditation. You must pick and choose carefully among these many theories and positions, choosing the ones that are best for you.
This may sound like a lot of work, and you may be tempted at this point to abandon the cause. Don't. As you'll soon find out, the work will be worth it.
Discover Buddhist Guided Meditation today; and open your world to a brighter tomorrow.
About the Author
Rasmus Lindgren has practiced meditation for several years. You can read more about Buddhist Guided Meditation on his website. He has also created a free course in Buddhist Meditation targeted at beginners.

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