Black Spots on Lips? What Should You Do?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 13, 2019

It is quite natural for each one of us is presentable at any occasion. Lips play a major role in giving you a good look. It would be devastating when you find black spots on your lips that make you feel weird and conscious. This can make others feel that you are not healthy or that you are not leading a healthy life. There will be a tendency for you hide them when you are meeting people. The dark patches on the lips can be termed as melasma, which is a skin condition that makes your skin discolor.
When the skin is affected with melasma, it becomes darker and you can see that particular area darker than the rest of the skin. Such a condition occurs when the skin produces excess amount of melanin.

Where does melasma appear apart from the lips?

The black spots found on the lips, can also be found on other parts of the body that are exposed to sunlight. The dark patches or spots can be found on cheeks, forehead, temples, neck and even forearm. It can also be seen on the bridge of the nose as well as on the chin. This actually occurs due to hypermelanosis, which is a process of excess production of melanin or pigment of the skin.

Melasma is mainly linked to sun exposure. But it can also be a result of hormone imbalance. Usually, this condition is found in women and less found in men. The excess production of estrogen hormone which will affect the melanocytes hyperactive. The result will be the excess production of pigment. This procedure will boost up with the help of the hormone progesterone.

Intake of certain medicines that will result in the skin to become sensitive to sunlight, replacement of hormone therapy, certain oral contraceptives also can result in the production of melasma. Pregnant women tend to develop an excess of melasma, which is the reason why melasma is referred to as the mask of pregnancy or even chloasma.
Other than excessive sun exposure, melasma can be obtained due to tanning booths, over waxing your face, stress or even due to thyroid disease. The reason for melasma is still unknown. But certain studies show that women who are of Hispanic or Asian origin tend to suffer from melasma.

Major reasons why a person is affected by melasma are many

  • It can affect females
  • Dark skinned people are found to develop melasma
  • Pregnant women tend to get affected with melasma
  • People who suffer from stress for a long time are affected by melasma
  • Hispanic or Asian ethnic origin individuals prone to have melasma
  • Women who consume birth control pills or similar medicines can create sunlight sensitivity of the skin
  • Those who do not wear any kind of UV protection during the day time are affected with melasma
  • Those who tan their skin without the right kind of sun protection for their skin
  • Waxing the skin often can also lead to melasma.

Treating Melasma

Diagnosis of melasma can be identified as melasma by a dermatologist without taking any tests. A glance at your skin which has dark spots on, is usually figured out as melasma. Doctors can find out the depth of the pigmentation with the help of Wood’s lamp examination. Melasma can be cured, but it might take some time to get rid of the dark patchy spots from your face.

Medicated skin creams which are meant for the treatment of pigmentation are mostly skin lightening creams. Apart from that, you need to regularly wear sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Try not to go for skin tanning without any protection, and avoid tanning booths for the same. Regular intake of vitamin tablets prescribed the physician and application of skin creams and sunscreen lotions can help in erasing the pigmentations from your skin.

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