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Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


A healthy and strong relationship is one of the best support in everyone's life. Good relationships are like an investment. The more you give in any relationship, the more you can get back. Every relationship is unique and people unite for so many reasons. Establish a meaningful and healthy relationship with others at all times. Involvement is one of the important concern to maintain relationships.At times of conflict, express your feelings without any fear of reprisal.It's better to resolve conflict without any humiliation.As no single person can meet all of your needs so better not to expect too much from someone.Strengthen bonding with direct communication by expressing your needs, fears and desires.Here you will get five best relationship advice.
Make physical intimacy alive always
Touch makes a life complete as it is one of the fundamental part of human existence.An infant also needs a regular and loving touch by parents as it is good for development of brain.An affectionate touch boosts the level of Oxycontin,a hormone that affects bonding and attachment.When two persons are in a committed relationship then physical relationship is a cornerstone to increase the strength of the relationship.However,intercourse is not the only way to show intimacy.Just small gestures of hugging,kissing and affectionate touch are equally important.
Give quality time to each other
Everyone holds fond memories at the time of first date with loved ones.But with increased responsibilities of jobs,children,commuting,different interests and other family or social obligations makes it hard to find some time of togetherness.But it is one of the important relationship advice and spare some time for your relationship as lack of quality time with each other leads to erosion of communication and ultimately understanding.
Communicate properly
Communication is a pillar of a healthy relationship.Lack of communication at times of stress disconnects a couple.So better to communicate at all tough or happier times.Try to observe your partner's cues as some people responds well to sight,touch or sound.Understand whether your partner needs a massage after a stressful day or a cup of tea with some discussion of the problem.
Realize that relationships are needs give and take
Healthy relationships are all about give and take and expecting 100% time from anybody in a relationship is not possible and leads to disappointment. So best relationship advice here is to make sure that a reasonable exchange happens in relationship.A right type of atmosphere can be built among couple when they realize the fact what are the priorities of each other at different times.At the same time,it is also important to identify wants and needs of your partners and state them clearly.A compromise on any partner for other's need will leads to resentment and anger.
Accept ups and downs in other's life
Avoid any misunderstanding just because of ups and downs in other's life.It is not necessary that same time of behavior at all times is possible.Behavior is affected by some other events like death of a close one in a family,job loss,health problems etc..Everyone have different ideas to manage finance and raise children and different people copes with stress in different ways.So keep all these things in mind before expecting anything from your partner.
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