Benefits of Writing Spiritual Stories

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


There are many benefits that can be realized from both reading and writing spiritual stories. Not only will these stories be enjoyed by others, but they will become forces of positive energy that can be useful in changing the minds and lives of others. Writing spiritual stories is very therapeutic and enjoyable for the author. Sometimes people are better equipped at writing these types of stories than they are at just verbally describing them to others.
Putting the spiritual story down on paper makes it come to life, and sometimes even the person who is writing it will be able to gain a deeper and more insightful understanding of the lessons that the story contains and teaches. Writing spiritual stories that can be shared with others also allows people to share the lessons and information that has meant the most to them. This is a benefit for both the author and the individuals who will benefit from these stories.
Writing spiritual stories is also a good way for people to pass along ideas and thoughts that can have strong impact on the way that people behave and conduct themselves. These stories usually have come down through many generations and have impacted people for years in many positive ways.
The only way for society to benefit and learn from many spiritual guides and teachers is to have the writings which show the information and teachings that are being shared. When people are able to look at the writings, they can discuss them in a rational manner because they are all looking at the same words at the same time. Having spiritual stories shared from writings also assures that they can continue being passed down through generations. There is also the opportunity to correct teachings from verbal sources when you transcribe them for others.
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