Benefits of Breathing

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Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

Breathing is very fundamental to us. From birth to death, we are living only because of our breathing. All of us are habituated on a regular breathing pattern. If we can change our breathing pattern we can definitely make changes in our health and well-being and it will enhance our total life. Most of the time we are always Shallow Breathers. There is scientific proof that deep breathing is a total exercise for the entire Mind & Body. It is the reason, why regular breathing exercises were practiced from older times. Many types of Breathing exercises, known in many names are practiced all over the world. Our universal energy (Prana) is transferred to the individual through breath. Actually, the Breath is considered as our Soul. If we can really understand all the benefits of breathing we can actually make many changes in life. Even though we can see that there are various benefits of Breathing, we are providing 10 important benefits of breathing exercises.

More Oxygenation to the Body Cells
More Relaxation to the Mind and Body
Freedom from Pain
Increase the Strength and Vitality
Improves our Sleeping Pattern
Improves our Sexual Power
Better Stress Management
Positive Health and Well-Being
A Sense of Happiness and Joy in Life
Clear Thinking and Awareness
Increases our Concentration
Enhances our Spiritual Journey
Increases our Creativity
So, let us practice some types of breathing exercises for a better life.

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