Becoming A Good Listener

Dr. Purushothaman
June 6, 2014

In a communication, the place of a good listener is very important. A good listener has to listen to the conversation clearly, he has to clarify the doubts, give a good feedback and give more importance to the speaker, than to anything else.Rarely do we find good listeners, as most people are interested in giving their opinions, rather than hearing to one. Majority of the lot rarely allow others to talk. These people love talking about themselves, their achievements and their experiences in life. Such people are sure to lose one thing…they lose the chance to gain a new knowledge or a new experience. So never dominate a conversation.Being a good listener…A good listener helps in gaining new solutions to problems of day to day life.Listening helps in viewing the world from the viewpoint of another person.

Listening helps in gaining good relationships.

Good listeners are liked by most people.

Listening helps you to be more patient and tolerant.

Listening helps you to gain problem solving skills.

Becoming a good listener…

It is not very difficult to become a good listener. By developing certain qualities, you can become a good listener.

To become a good listener, one has to avoid talking unnecessarily. Understand that you are in the listeners place and you simply listen.

Let go off distractions. While listening to another person, we must pay full attention to the conversation. Put off your cell phone and be attentive. Choose a silent place away from noise and other distractions.

Never interfere unnecessarily while the other person is talking. Have patience and listen calmly. Wait for the person to complete his/her talk.

Give necessary feed backs. It makes the person feel that you are paying attention to the whole conversation.

Ask appropriate questions regarding the topic of the talk to make the person realize that you are truly interested in listening to their talk. Never ask unnecessary questions which can hurt the speaker.

Sometimes, we may not agree with the ideas the other person is conveying. Still be patient and lend your ears and pay full attention. You can correct the person at the end of the conversation, in a light manner. Make the speaker feel that you are not opposing him.

Your body language counts. Sit in a relaxed position and nod to the conversation if necessary. Let the flow of the conversation not be broken by your irritating mannerisms.

Be expressive. Your facial expressions show how much eager you are in listening to the conversation. Give the speaker your full attention and maintain an eye contact. Eye contact actually helps you to maintain a good relationship with the speaker.

Give the speaker the assurance that nothing is impossible and that everything will be alright.

The listener can use encouraging words to inspire the speaker.
Listening to another person talk actually builds up positive qualities in you, thus changing yourself to a better person.


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