Be Creative and Others Will Recognize You

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013


The ability or skill in the development of things from one's imagination with value is called creativity. It usually connects with art because the latter determines style and creativity. People who are creative show what they have in mind or in their imaginations through things that are tangible. A great example of that is painting or fictional stories.
We can always show our creativity in different aspects or sectors like in collecting things, music, acting, or in the performing arts. Every people on Earth have their own creativity. It just so happen that some prefer to use it better for their own good and to earn money. In a simple thought, being creative depends on the personality and confidence of a person. There are also lots of debates nowadays on whether men are more creative than women or the other way around. I don't think that debate will be settled as both parties never wanted to lose.
According to experts, the right hemisphere of the brain deals with a person's creative ability. You might encounter people saying that their left brain is better than their right. People who have better left brain are said to be inclined with analysis, logic, and calculation.
The creativity of a person can be measured with the use of different approaches and tests. The most famous test to assess creativity is the creative quotient (CQ) just like intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ).
A perfect way in showing your creativity is through scrapbooking. Scrapbooking involves the preservation of important events or experiences you have in your life. It is not just into personal life but you can also create for other people as well. With scrapbooks you will be able to speak what you have in my mind by showing them into pictures with colors and designs. Scrapbooking is easy when you have the scrapbooking supplies you needed. Just know what you want to convey and you'll be on the right track. You can write poems or quotations using different color markers. If you like to post pictures or diagrams on it, use a glittering glow to make it more pleasing to the eyes. Stickers can also be a good addition to your scrapbook so you should try one. To add more beauty with your scrapbooks, combine different supplies. With proper combination, you can create a collage.
You are the own master when creating a scrapbook. Show what you have in your imagination and don't be afraid on the thoughts of others. Because of your uniqueness and creativity you will be known.

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