Bad Habits Preventing us from change

bad habits

Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

Even though most of us want to change our life in the most effective way, some of our old habits (mostly bad) prevent us from moving from our ongoing journey. Knowingly or unknowingly we still have some habits which are a hindrance to our success. Each and every one make some mistakes and problems at some point of time. Below you can see an overview of some of the so called bad habits which are preventing us from attaining our life goal.
1. Thinking that life is very easy.
In life, nothing is very easy. Eventhough we think that even a simple thing is very easy, when we come to the actual point it may be more difficult. Understand that everything in life needs some effort. Don't take life as so simple.
2. Overestimating our real path and purpose in life.
Most of the time we, overestimate our path and purpose in our life journey, which may lead us to the wrong direction. We should be very conscious in selecting our aim and way in life.
3. Following the wrong person.
When you want support and help from somebody else always follow the right person who is an expert in that field and who is sincerity.
4. Not asking for appropriate help when needed.
Whatever may be the situation we should be very courageous to ask for timely and appropriate support whenever needed. You should always utilize all the resources that you need for your project and programs.
5. Still Holding to Habits which you really don't want.
We should deliberately keep away from old habits which we had consciously and purposefully deleted from our life.
6. Keeping our unnecessary and unhappy friendship.
Even though we want to change it is a fact that we still get linked to unnecessary and unwanted friendships, which really hinder our progress in life. Such friendship can be detrimental to our progress.
7. Unable to find time for essential matters.
When we are unable to find a proper time at the appropriate point that may create problems in our on-going activities. Don't take anything for granted.
8. Unable to take personal responsibility.
If you want to succeed in life we should always take the responsibility for everything. We should be responsible for the good or bad things that happen in our life. Don't say that the somebody else is the reason for our failures.
9. Depending on others decision.
It is better to listen to what other say in a particular situation. But the final decision should be yours. You should go into the details of the facts and then take an appropriate decision.
10. Keeping away from difficult situation.
If we understand that difficulties and setbacks are part of our life. When we are moving forward sooner or later difficulties and problems will occur one by one. Don’t worry about that. You pursue with your on-going activities.
11. Over work and Over Strain.
We are addicted to overwork in our life. Most of the time we are workaholics. Too much stress and strain is a problem for our total well-being and our daily activities.
12. Worrying about daily problems and fears.
Unnecessary worry and fear is a real problem for us. We should definitely keep away from worrying about unnecessary problems and fears that will be a definite problem for our future progress.
13. Thinking about past memories and difficulties.
Whenever we are doing something our past memories and events come to our mind and we will simply take it serious and we will forget about our present activities. It is a truth that past is past and whichever things are gone are always gone forever. We should always focus on our present activities.
14. Unable to accept mistakes.
We should always be transparent and truthful and should be courageous to admit and accept whatever mistakes we had made in the past. By accepting our mistakes we can definitely correct ourselves and our life will become more successful.
15. Thinking on negativity.
It is a real fact that negative thoughts always predominate in our mind. We should never allow negativity to take an upper hand. Always be positive in our life.

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