Awakening to your own Forgiveness

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

From a meditative space that some people call the Divine some people call it the Universal Mind, some God, some the Higher Mind and still others the Holy Spirit and so on and it is what it is; it is to you. There is no concrete entity it is what it is because it is your opening to it

It has your perception it has your ideas it has your filters your patterns of desires wants etc; everything that belongs to you in any given time

Some people come back and get more and more annoyed that their daily life does not match the meditative experience and more often than not cause a shut down and a walking away from the opening to the Universal Mind.

When you pull down the information or in the parlance of spiritual technology have a download. You are given information from Ancestors, masters, books, stories, all of whom will very clearly tell you how it isn't a mystery that what you begin to understand as revelation and insight you have to live in daily life

When the understanding and feeling of gratitude and love is there for you live you will find you must give it back because in a sense if you don't offer it back to your world
The circular activity of giving and receiving has not been fulfilled.
To receive is the same as to give.

So you ask yourself what it is you are giving to your world to see what you get back, very basically it's the universal Law of Attraction, you attract into your life, what your thinking and feeling. So the meditation downloads or an insight through revelatory experience has to be offered to your world as an experience of forgiveness.
And your world includes both your conscious and unconscious thinking.

A lot of stuff is unconscious a lot of us have patterns...a lot of us have sabotage patterns because we don't think we should succeed and it is only because we were told as youngsters that that could be so and we can change that stuff...but it does take a bit of work

It is a vigilance and perseverance...because you do have to work what ever program you choose.....what ever you place your attention on will it is for us to take note of what we manifest.

So where does forgiveness come into this...forgiveness is actually an action of that is the bottom line

When I say you make up the world you inhabit...I mean you make up your particular interpretation of the world you find yourself inhabiting...from your thoughts and feelings you draw to you experiences from which to act in your world. It is your perception of that world of which I speak
You project things and feelings onto that world, and as you project them onto that world you reinterpret them back based on that perception that is your loop in a certain sense

And you have your own personal loop a lot of us have very similar loops...there are not a lot of original loops...but they can be hidden from we loop around in out little failures and sabotage patterns we go down into little depressive states and pretend to jump out of them with our positive thinking.

Which is not in the long term going to do anything at all?

I don't recommend the idea of positive thinking I think it is ridiculous and just hides the underlying thinking under a mass of nonsense of prettiness.
We are always affirming something, and always visualizing something
The task is to know what it is you are visualizing.
What you are affirming?
And if it isn't what you want then, change it!
Don't cover up!

The use of Higher Power thinking or spiritual technology, is to use the
essence of your true knowing to assist you to hear and learn.
To actually know for certain you are the creator, and that you have the answers
To become the person of your Goals!

I would rather see someone just be honest about how they feel
Than try to jump over it and try to be happy
I think it is just the world of awakening and awakening to your higher power and hearing the help of the ancestors and your channels to the universal mind...pretending to be happy when your not is one of the silliest things you can do to yourself

So... back to the ideas of perception of your world as it presents itself to you
There is always the opportunity to stand back and ask what is it saying...what am I being told about myself

What am I feeling, where am I feeling this in my body, which chakra does this correspond to......where is it a heaving heart...where else is it connected to
Where is the fear because it is my loop that is going around and creating these fear packets for me to wake up from?

There is a great difference between loving yourself and positive thinking
Positive thinking is just the one end of a polarity...and if you relax for a moment it will slide back to the other isn't backed up with is self willed, and therefore prone to the vagaries of the limited or loop driven mind

We live in dualistic world and one of energetic polarities
That is planet earth
If you want to wake up from being pulled from pillar to post by these dense low vibrational ideas of conflict, war, victimization, helplessness etc
People beating each other up, sexual assault, where we make harsh judgments of each other and we pretend to overlay this with love
You know how it works because it is it is in me; that loop we get ourselves involved in, the chattering loop, off it goes, around and around. This is also know as associative thinking.
Now you have to cut that loop
How do you cut that loop?
You cut it because you want to cut it

If you want to stay in conflict with your outside world and think that someone is doing something to you and you want to blame somebody else and you want to be a victim then you don't want to cut the loop.

But if want to be done with that and you want to raise your vibration up and you want raise your thinking and feeling up...they all will go together then there has to be a cutting of that loop
Because nothing comes to me unbidden....nothing happens without my saying yes to it

You will probably be saying what about what about

When I was 3 years old I didn't ask for blah, blah, blah
You and I have an incredibly complex and evolved history...this life and what we do here is not it...we have had a lot of experiences
Not of this is right nor wrong what we are wanting to do is cut the loop of thinking there can be a right or a wrong

So how do you cut the loop?
Ask yourself the questions.
Am I willing to go to any lengths to have peace of mind?

Train your mind to think a different way!
Because you have decided to do so...not overlay new ideas but to let go.....of ways of thinking that holds you to the idea that you have to be a small or limited human.

You are not a victim of the world around....You have a connection to the higher power and All the Universe is there to help you
There is no separation between any of us whether you see with eyes or you see with an internal eye or you hear with these ears or you hear with an internal ear

This feeling state or a third eye understanding, or more of a gut understanding
Can lend a hand but they can only do so much
You have to do your work yourself; you have go into the forgiveness state and you have to want to go into the forgiveness state

There are steps to getting to forgiveness as an action of mind

Forgiveness exercise.........

Withdraw your projection...forget about the other person/s or situation
How does the situation make me feel?
How often do I go into this state?
Ask what lies behind the feeling
What is not happening the way I want it to
And finally what is the payoff for me..... ( Is it that I get to remain angry indignant etc)

The question is finally am I willing to forgive myself


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