Awakening the Chakras

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

Many people these days have heard of the chakras or they are superficially familiar with them. Obviously there was I a time when I had heard of the chakras and did not fully understand their immense power to help and heal anybody's life and health. On the other hand, there are many people who already have advanced and specialized knowledge of the seven chakras and how they function. For the sake of those who are unfamiliar with the chakras, they are an ancient mapping system that represent the many different aspects of our lives. By analogy, in astrology each planet, and its activity represents something in a persons life. Well, the chakras are similar in the sense that they also represent and control various areas of our lives. Incidentally, these sacred cosmic energy vortexes are connected with the astrology at some level.

Learning to work within these secret and most subtle realms of our lives is essential for attaining fulfillment, living a better life, creating a brighter future, and attaining our fullest superhuman potential. The chakras are subtle energy centers and most people are familiar with the main seven chakras (Crown, Brow, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and the root. Of course, there are other chakra energy centers but these 7 chakra are the most important to easily understand. These energy centers pull in cosmic energy from the outside world, they filter the energy and then feed the subtle etheric body which in turn controls the physical organs directly. A classic example of this is the heart chakra (Anahata) and how it id directly connected to our immune system through the thymus glad. The heart chakra is always an interesting point of reference because it is the energy center the the entire human civilization is now struggling so hard to awaken and activate. At the deepest levels of the heart chakra, there is a fountain head of unconditional love for all and divine compassion. Indeed, "love is the greatest gift of all," and when the heart chakra is awakened, one is fully aware of that fact.

All of the chakras need to be well maintained for optimum health, fulfillment, happiness balance and untimely longevity. Obviously these are all things that everybody wants to experience and get out of life. One must tend to the chakras using various methods that work for balancing these vital energy centers. My favorite ways of working with the chakras involves dowsing, gemstones and telekinesis chakra meditation techniques. There is so much exciting information to learn about all of this that can immediately change, enhance, improve and protect anybody's life. The chakras are the most ancient and divine mapping system for making sense of reality, perceiving it in an accurate way, and then eventually learning to awaken higher psychic abilities and spiritual powers.

By now, the chakras are a scientific fact and just to give an idea of how old they are, we have to consider that the Bible is approximately 2500 years old. There is information in the Vedic doctrines which suggests and proves that knowledge of the chakras has been around not only on this planet for millions of years. In the Gita within the Mahabharata spoken by Lord Sri Krishna 5000 years ago, the chakras were already being mentioned and the connection to other planetary systems was being made. Naturally, this knowledge has passed down to our planet, and we can also easily trace it back here on Earth to at least 2 million years ago in quite remote times. So, knowledge of the chakras is essential for well-being and true metaphysical training. Now is the time and not later for people to come up to speed on this information as a part of this great spiritual awakening. Now is the time for all to realize that we have more control over our lives than most people ever imagined, and the chakras are one of the easiest ways of truly becoming the master of your own destiny.

The most ancient secret to learning the chakras is to obtain information from a divine guru. Otherwise, the information the you get may or may not be authoritative and accurate which can lead to many problems. The spiritual master I most recommend working with is known as Guru Gitaji. He is the author of "This Is PK" a manuscript which explains how telekinesis mind power can also be control within the chakras and why this is all quite important. Accordingly, the chakras have obviously already passed the test of time as a mapping system for realizing, understanding, and experiencing your true potential. Now, the key is just to learn how to easily and immediately begin using these sacred energy vortexes for creating the lives and circumstances that we most want to experience.

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