Attitude Problem, Or Not?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

All people have attitudes. Did you ever hear someone make a statement concerning someone else's attitude? Some of these statements are, you have an attitude problem or I don't like your attitude. What exactly do these people mean when they make these abrupt statements? Well, sometimes the attitude that you may have is in disagreement with what they may want from you, or perceive as an overall bad behavior. That doesn't necessarily mean that you are the one with the bad attitude. We all take a stance on certain beliefs when we believe that we are in the right. Sometimes an attitude reflects your stance or position on something which could be opposite of another person. Some people will accuse another of an attitude problem when in fact the bad attitude might be their own.

Parents at times need to confront their children because the child is being defiant. In most cases the child is the one who has the bad attitude because most parents only want what is good for their children. In these instances the child will need to be told the reason that their attitude is wrong. If there is disrespect involved by the child to the parent, then of course the child's attitude is wrong and must be corrected in love.

In the business world many times there are conflicts between co-workers. If a disagreement occurs how do you decide whose attitude is wrong? Well if someone is complaining and grumbling most of the time wouldn't you say that they were the one with the bad attitude? It could be or it could be that the workplace is causing undue stress and changes need to be put in place by the employer. Maybe it is the employee or person in authority who has the nasty attitude. We need to think before we make a final judgment because things aren't always what we think they are.

Usually people who need help or are suffering in some way may seem to have a bad attitude. Sometimes when there seems that there is nothing we can do about another person's attitude problem we can solve the problem by excusing ourselves and try avoiding the person for a while, but not permanently. If you must excuse yourself from someone whom you have decided has a bad attitude, don't perpetuate the situation by pointing it out to anyone else which could make the attitude worse.

Not all attitudes are seen as problematic. Sometimes we hear comments such as "oh, she has such a great attitude." When an attitude makes us feel good we all tend to believe that the attitude is right. That's not always true either. Usually people gravitate to the ones that have the same attitude about something or someone. We all need to be careful not to hurt another human being because of a so called "bad attitude."

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