Attitude: Looking for gold!

Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

Attitude: Looking for gold!

The single most important indicator of success, attitude!

Is your "attitude" a reflection of your career or business or is it that your "career or business" are a reflection of your "attitude?"

Like it or not you do have an attitude, and what you have today is a reflection of your attitude.

Would you change your attitude if you could?

In a busy world it can be difficult to change. If you are like so many others making time for yourself is a challenge.

The idea of changing one more thing is like attempting the "impossible!" It's not going to happen. So why even bother?

Why would anyone, especially you, consider changing your attitude?

For me the single most noticeable trait I see in others who are living the quality of life I want, is "ATTITUDE!"

Being around people who have a winning attitude is a completely different experience. I can honestly say that it is an experience that inspires me.

It is an experience that leaves me thinking "I want what they have!" "I want a better life!"

I want to enjoy the rewards of having such an attitude. Don't you?

I want to enjoy the fruits of being the person with a "winning attitude."

What is it that stops you or I from having the attitude we want?







You name it! I am sure there is something that you feel you must have "before you can have the attitude you want."

Regardless of your reason there is a way that you can make this change and it won't take the commitment of a monk to make it happen.

Consider this, recognizing that you want to change only takes a moment. To make a lasting change takes time. How much time? That depends on you.

Like cars some of us are built for speed, some are built for long trips, and others are lucky to make it around the block without stalling.

It really only matters that you recognize, you want something different! Are you satisfied with what you have?

There are 7 things you should know about attitude and I am going to share with you the first step to changing your attitude.

Before I go any further let's talk about why this really matters. I mean is attitude really that important?

Without a "winning attitude" you will never take the action(s) that will give you the career or business you want!

Without a "winning attitude" your life will be average at best. If average is enough then there is no need to read any further. Average simply isn't enough for me.

It is hard to imagine that anyone has never heard Nike's slogan "Just Do It!" Their ads speak to attitude. You can feel the energy and the powerful expression of those who simply make up their mind to "Just Do It!"

The Nike ads are filled with "attitude." An attitude that compels one to act. An attitude that compels one to win, to do more, to be more, and finally to be all they can be.

Attitude drives action. Attitude determines which actions you will or won't take.

Still, having the attitude you want, can feel like grabbing a fist full of sand and trying to keep the sand from spilling.

The bottom line: Attitude is an outcome. Until you have a winning attitude, possibility will continue avoid you.

Attitude is like money, for most it is elusive. Each are elusive because they are result of the who, what, and where of your life. They are a result of "YOU!"

People will shortcut their way to money only to find that happiness, the only reason they really wanted money in the first place, is still missing.

Attitude isn't any different. A winning attitude requires a real change to be lasting and meaningful.

Have you ever said to yourself "I must be positive" or "I've got to stop being like this" or something similar? If you have, then you understand that willpower and affirmations are not enough.

Faking it until you make it isn't enough. You know it, and the people around you know it as well. Eveyone knows what you are trying to do and they also know "this too will end."

If you want to make a lasting change in your attitude, it has to start with "YOU!" "Understanding you" is key!

Change your understanding of you and you will change your attitude.

Where do you start? You start with awareness. You "turn-off your auto-pilot" and become an "active participant in YOUR LIFE!"

Stop accepting that life is just that way.

Before you say no, ask yourself "why not?"

Pay attention to what you feel: ask yourself does this feel good?

Begin to ask yourself questions like: "Is this what I want?" or "Is this really the choice I want to make?"

Keep a 3x5 spiral notepad and pen or pencil with you throughout your day and begin to write down those thoughts that bubble up during your day.

Don't let life's distractions continue to keep you in the dark. Isn't it time you started to "understand you?"

Isn't is time you lived the life you want?

Until you know what you are dealing with i.e. "who you are" attitude will be like trying to hold a fist full of sand.

What you have today is a result of the attitude you have had up to this point, i.e. your past.

I can tell you this: It doesn't matter how many times you have tried, "you CAN make a lasting change."

You can make a change that will result in an attitude that will transform your career or business.

If you have been trying to do it alone and it hasn't worked then maybe it is time you started looking for other ways to make it happen.

Having a "winning attitude" is like walking around with a gold mine in your back pocket. Knowing that you can do anything is "priceless!"

Be Bold, Be Extraordinary, Be YOU!

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