Attitude, could your life need empowering?

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Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

Attitude - what is? Where does it come from? What is your attitude?
Attitude is your mindset regarding the subject of your attention. What is your attitude to attitude?

Attitude is the interplay between your beliefs and emotional values. So a fairly complex subject it is. What is your attitude to your life, relationships, career, health etc? On a sheet of paper, write down your attitude to these subjects. Then reflect on what you have written. Does your attitude enhance or debilitate that aspect of your life? If your attitude is debilitating, contemplate on what attitude you feel would enhance that aspect of your life. Sit quietly and imagine having that attitude in place, imagine behaving using this new attitude - does this attitude empower you? Could you use a more empowering attitude?

You've read this far so take the next step, and do this exercise- Pick one area of your life e.g.; career/work, list your present attitude - does it make you feel empowered? If not, would these attitudes help; I love it, motivating, exciting, curious, challenging, inspiring, stimulating, satisfying, a vehicle to further success, would any or all of these empower you. Choose some or all of these attitudes and pretend or feel that they are in place inside you, and for the next week use them at every opportunity. Note how you feel both physically and emotionally. You will feel ups and downs, when you have the down moments, listen to the feelings or doubts that you are receiving. These are your negative beliefs about yourself, it is important that you acknowledge that you have these thoughts/beliefs and they may have been valid in the past, but are they still valid today? What would happen if you let these negative beliefs go?

Please acknowledge that you have the ability to choose your attitude, though you may behave as if on automatic pilot, this is a result of old programming. If you want a more empowering life, then you have to exercise your power of choice and when the old programming/negative beliefs pop up, simply say stop, take a deep breath and chooses the attitude that you want. Now exercise this attitude and behave accordingly. Each time you do this, you are creating a new program of living and as repetition is the mother of all skills, it is important to do this for a month.

After a month of repetition the new attitude will operate automatically and you will gain a greater appreciation of life. And as the new benefits flow into your life, you will know that they are a result of the choice that you made.

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